Tuesday, April 27, 2004

these few days kinda like short.. so me write em in one post.. =)

sports day. v.rain sports day. before had went to hereen. take pix.. eat.. but spray.. we took alot of photos.. hakim v.pro at hairspraying!!! joshua and aidil got v.v. nice hair!!!!!!haha.. we took video oso.. so fun.. we went bk oso.. all klass tees not bad wor.. me love 4/5 de!! so cool.. but unfortunately mine now spoilt.. (cry) waa~~
was late for clementi. reason: took wrong train.. obviously tt was fake. was badly suprised when ask to run for relay. accepted unwillingly. thanks whoever's up there for long long rain. con side, v.squeasy. on plus, do not have to run.

pop. woke up at 7:05am. am supposed to report at 7am. apparently am late. ^^ v.late. when there, band was set up and ready. so me do not need to set up 2pid chairs. go me! jiahao received mace grandly. he kneel down wor!!! i was like "wow". food v.nice. bloated. was promoted to sergent. then take many many photos again... hahaha..

todae. nth much todae. am apparently home. skool was not so bad. have passed chem test!!! amaths test not bad oso. me so darn careless!!!!! ugh! samuel lim not here again. so sad.. we gonna fail physics!!nvm.. must self-study..antique doll story abit uh.. nth.. later gonna listen song(have sound le!!!), read comic, b4 starting to do work.. heeX.

3:52 pm

Thursday, April 22, 2004

for ur info.. those were wad i really felt.. and i will only ever cry (in those senerios) when i'm wrongly acused. thank you.

8:49 pm

This post is strickly rated PG-13
not for the weak-hearted

wtf.. let me put this straight (hopefully into your ****-up mind) u are in no ****ing position to judge me. think for ur own ****ing self! wad have u done? are u in the right to say those things?? when i first got the section, i was totally clueless!! ask for ur help, u buay song. so u think i still want to ask u?? the sec 4s still okay. but U. U are in no right to say me. All the **** you said today. not one is true. not a SINGLE one. u didn't come down for so long. even when u did, u didn't even get to see the section. then how can u ****ing say wad u said todae??? u are just putting "not-even-there" personality in me. and u are so damn darn damn biased! i bet if it was HER who was the section leader, and did even worse then me, u wouldn't have said wad u said. anyone wants to bet? and wad SHE(someone else le) said was gd stuff.. and u ppl ****ingly say tt she's going off track. SO?? u think it's easy to be who i am?? for u, band is piority. but not for me. if i did not put in the ****ing time to study. u think i will still be in the band?? fat-hope. i would probably be in some green-club stuff now.. cleaning up parks.. for the gd of the world. not facing ur ****-up not-even-true critical comments. u do not have an aim. i have dreams. DREAMS. dreams i want to achieve. my life is not band band and band. like U. got tt clear?? and i tell U. i AM NOT wad u think i am. i noe myself. u would not dare say u noe me. because u really DUN. so stop saying wad u think i am. especially when they are all negative. I am not stubborn. I am not proud. I'm never am. u really dun noe me. so u dun have the ****ing right to critisise me. still got so much more ****-up feelings i wanna let out. but not now.. i have better things to do then write ****-up things about you.

8:19 pm

Monday, April 19, 2004

waha... only one min left b4 i hafta go.. let's see how much i can write..

woo~ me bought photo paper.. printed a nice nice pic.. maybe tmr bring to skool.. (darn.. 1 min over.. hack..) brought seal to skool todae.. apparently no one thinks it looks like a seal.. so sad..

todae dismiss at 1.. so early!! nth to do.. haiz.. then me 3 go home le.. wanted to revise.. then realised did not have a single textbk at home.. so crappy.. grr... like not very gd nowadays.. me v.scared!! got exams!!! ahhhh!!!

wow.. klass tee is $23 bucks.. already noe how it looks like.. have been told front almost has nth while back is super nice.. am now practising to walk backwards instead..

ugh.. me hair sux.. stupid hairdresser!!! kill her!!! cannot manage at all.. have given up hope.. "grow hair grow" hoping chant will make hair grow faster.. but apparently tt is fat hope.. sheesh.. better go le.. hafta iron clothes some more.. then me go read comic.. heex..

8:56 pm

Friday, April 16, 2004

todae sianz.. skool so not fun.. other than sannie's lame jokes.. but the fight between the 4/9girls very interesting.. go see ivan's blog(link from jong ling.. i haven add ivan yet..).. commit suicide somemore.. diaoz.. u are given a life and u dun want.. wad de.. some ppl want oso cannot..

aniwaes, after skool went to westmall with them.. outside school voideck so darn disgusting!!! u shld see how many chrcoaches there were!!ugh.. niwaes.. we went kfc for lunch.. went library to study.. asked to leave.. haha.. then we walk here walk there.. like wandering ghost.. cos our "home" was not avaliable to us todae bcuz of idiotic caterpillas.. skool kanna infested lah.. sianz leh!!! miss me bf.. (my flute) will see it tmr nvm.. hehe.. see quite some "family members" floating around oso.. our home!!! nobody go clean it todae too.. have visitor tmr wor.. oh well..

now nth to do.. so surfing rnd.. *yawn* tmr must wake up early.. *sniff* haha.. but can get to see me bf can le.. maybe tmr i bring me seal down also.. show huimin if she's there.. haha..

8:22 pm

Song tittle: Colourblind
Artist: Darius

[Verse #1]
Feeling Blue,
Well im trying to forget the feeling that i miss you,
Feeling Green,
When the jelousy sweels and it wont go away and dreams,
Feeling Yellow,
Im confused inside a little hazy but mellow.

When i feel your eyes on me,
Feeling fine, its sublime,
When that smile of yours creeps into my mind.

Nobody told me it feels so good,
Nobody said you would be so beautiful,
Nobody warned me about your smile,
Your the light,
Your the light,
When i close my eyes,
Im colourblind.

[Verse #2]
Feeling Red,
When you spend all your time with your friends and not me instead,
Feeling Black,
When i think about all of the things that i feel i lack,
Feeling Jaded,
When its not gone right, all the colours are faded.



5:28 pm

Thursday, April 15, 2004

argh.. new template wun work. fed up le. switch back to avril..

woOt! alan n fabian student conductor!!! *clap**clap*not bad wor them.. haha..hmmm... tan say the flutes giving very ugly sound.. intonation bad bad.. he thinks it's easy?? my section is so darn big!! how i wish i only have like 5 ppl.. it's not all about listenin lor.. section so big.. how to get in tune easily?? oh well..

i think i suddenly like amath le.. so fun!! esp. the log de!! me and vanessa todae do A3 together until so shuang!!! haha.. i finish A4n5 le.. A4 only 1 Q cannot do.. A5 only 1Q can do.. lOlx. i guess amath's not that bad huh? haha.. but i still dun like emath.. so not fun.. haha

mm.. todae physics test so sucky de.. samuel lim only let us do the Q AFTER the test!! wtf!!! why liddat????? grrr...

last night did not sleep really well.. was awaken by jesmine's sms... "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" as if i dun noe my alphabets??? i watch sesame street and barney u noe.. that was last time.. but saw barney recently.. brought back some childhood memories.. haha..

tmr got friendship day.. gonna miss amath again.. haha.. but nvm lah.. jus hope can catch up.. mm.. hafta go soon.. sayonara~

8:53 pm

Monday, April 12, 2004

ugh..... still working on the stupid blog template.. i noe u all wun be able to see the pics.. oh well.. hope can solve the prob soon.. have asked jong ling for help.. thankew u.. i think i now go back to edit first.. back later...

6:51 pm

Sunday, April 11, 2004

My feelings are my own, existing as an unwavering spike driven deeply from one side of my soul to the other. Words will not change them.

2:35 pm

Saturday, April 10, 2004

mm.. these few days are ok actually..

awards day. one of the worst thing i ever participated and will ever do again. heat from shiny-shiny sun was unbearable.. totally. was not even able to see hakim. was almost blinded. would nv ever ever ever ever ever ever ever desire to be in that senario ever ever. mayor had very "tongue-twisting" name. mini fountain and bluesky business was ridiculous. nv knew fountains and stages need to be launched. was v.irritated as so had to stay under warm body of o-mighty-great sun till mayor and peoples are out of sight. on relative plus side, dinner, for the first time, was good. was provided with good food. not that i'm complaining, but is there a prob with the skool? had fever? oh well..

good friday. nothing interesting.

today. still awaiting "all in". have had theme composed and sent to me mobile. go me! am thinking of changing template.. getting bored with miss avril.. may be getting sth more "graphic".. will see..

9:47 pm

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

I saw this on friendster..

Funny Complaint Letter of a TP student.

Pls pass it around to other poly studentz or sec
sch studentz.

Real funny, THIS IS NOT A SPAM!!!

Dear Principal,

Complain on Temasek Polytechnic
School Fee

lim bei ka li kong, you have charge me with
unfair school fee. Lim bei bo join any student
union wat 4 charge me wif student union fee!
KNN... i attachment outside still charge me
internet access fee, ke si ar! Yio siew, u think
lim bei rich ar! KNN i work till siao also jus
barely make it. Still retain me for 1 sem. u
think everyone makin $$ like u all ar. Kaoz...
Econ bad leh... still dun gif discount stay for
3 years liao, discount a bit cannot ar. Ge Gao!
i go buy food for 2 weeks auntie oso charge
less, somemore i study TP 3 years liao still no
rebate. still wan me to pay extra $$. KNN, next
time u try ppl overcharge u lar.

Wa lao eh, last time tt indian principal let us
play dai dee in school, u now come liao then
cannot play. wat freakin problem u have!!! u
cant win in dai dee also cant stop us from
playin wat. All work n no play make us dumb
students k! u read so much still dunno ar. wat
kinda of a freakin principal r u! u think u big
ar! ur size big onli. do nuttin n earn so much!
na bei take my school fee go play mahjong issit!
kaoz, pay so much but facilities still so bad.
canteen no air con, so many birds fly here, fly
there. U think funny issit!

swimmin pool so small, somemore no lady life
guard. and the dance studio no ppl dancin air
con still on, u think air con bill u pay one ar!
waste my money on unuse air con! somemore the
sports facilities oso lao ya one, basketball bo
hong, squash ball buay tiao. na bei, u think
funny issit!

I oso wanna tok bout the lab ar, KNN build more
lab lar! free access always full. and we use to
have a set of equipment each for lab but now 2
person share 1. u sell the rest issit! earn
profit still raise school fee! u outside earn so
much then still kapok our school fee. Ke si ar!
u so good then go SP lar.SP big school and more
students, u can exploit them wat. u think TP
students hao qi fu ar! Burn ur car then u know.
So rich ar, employ a security to "protect" ur
car somemore still got 1 video cam. u think u
drive sports car or Limo?! u car onli Nissan
Sunny, act machiam like very high class like tt.
Ppl drive Benz oso park outside ar.

All Poly got fast food except TP, u go build 1
fast food resturantlar...damn pai seh u noe, ppl
always make fun TP no fast food. Carona oso bo
yong... u keep so many Kois for wat, u think our
school fee for u to buy Kois ar!

i hope that u charge less (better if no need pay
school fee).Otherwise
undesirable action will be taken against you and
your damn car!.

from a very buay song student,
T0uy@ Ak|r@

7:24 pm

Monday, April 05, 2004

wahh.. me now v.guai.. dunno wad got into me.. i get back home everyday at 3 o'clock.. usually about 6 then i go home one.. hmm.. have scheduled for a brain check.. but i guess it's gd though.. usually at this time i haven done a single home work.. but now.. i finished my hw!! woo~~ maybe later go do some revision..

hmm.. didn't noe being late for band so fun de.. tt day sat.. dun need set up anything!!! evrything set up by the time i reach... waha.. so cool man.. (blee).. mm.. have skipped the rovket thing todae as was not notified in advance.. 15 bucks from edusave flew away.. dun no how to xplain to mum next time.. oh well.. hope she doesn notice.. but usually i will admit it myself one.. haiz.. i feel guilty very easily de.. hmm.. band prac nowadays seems more fun le.. not bad wor..

waa~ joshua todae told me he want to quit band le.. confirm de.. by tmr.. but i support his descision actually.. can see he needs all the time he can get to study.. u will understand that soon.. i think it will be gd for him.. although i bet we all dun want him to leave.. waa~ next time no one go down band room with me le!! *sniff* oh well..

'all in' really very nice.. shld watch.. haha.. hmm.. todae pe.. 2.4 again.. tired arh... i walk alot but still faster than alot ppl.. keke.. but after that my last year prob came back.. started to feel very dizzy.. do not know why.. remember last year i almost fainted once.. darn..

hmm.. shld i have dinner first or bathe first?? dunno le.. dun feel like doing both.. but will have to anyways later.. i guess.. uh.. eat first!! haha.. now feel so great cos finish hw le.. not a bad routine.. haha


6:44 pm

Thursday, April 01, 2004

woah~ seems like a long time since i've "bloggified" my thoughts. have been kinda hectic in past few days.. is getting better now.. but not much better.. oh well..

reason have not been blogging lately is feb bill have reached a never-seen-before-by-me of $200++ bucks. not exactly an uh.. eye-candy for me.. thereafter have been allowed only 30 min a day..

this april fool not v.fun.. only tricked zq.. have reported her hp lost.. said she almost cried.. have returned in end.. so not fun..

can't believe have took a month to readd little prince.. on plus side have discover interesting line.. "You can only see things clearly with your heart. What is essential is inevitable to the eye.."



life is so boring..

not fun..


exams nearing..

fear coming..

I'm going..

*falls sleep*

7:58 pm