Saturday, June 12, 2004

this is wad i'll write to the weather:

Dear Mr/Ms/Mdm Weather

Just wanted to let you know, you are very hot. Yes, VERY HOT. We all know everyone wants to be hot. But apparently your "hotness" has gone abit too overboard. Hello? We are burning below here !!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know, after being uh.. hot, you can actually try a cooler look, ya know? cool~ You can try a bit hip-hop style if you want, but I have no idea how you will do that though. But what ever.. Just scratch that "hot" look. It's just so not your type. I suggest " cool" will be best for you.
Please do change. I thank thee.

Yours Sincerly

Me do not wish to leave my name.. who cares.. this weather is freaking hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! siao de.. *sigh*.. band camp coming soon.. shux.. now certified me, jl, zq, yf, colby, n fang ling laugh far too much.. we have to be game ic.. then must luff like idiots.. wad the.. nvm.. band camp shld be fun i guess.. other than the parts where we have to play of cos.. mmm.. wadeva.. CONCERT. SOLO. I SCARED. and my solo starts off the whole piece.. which means i must play it well.. so as not to freak out my juniors!!! arh!!!!!!!! stress!!!

oh well.. wad can i do.. haaha.. haiz...... "we she me zhe yang zi~"
nvm... shld just let nature take it's course.. *yawn* i abit tired le.. dunno wad to write oso.. sian... this mth internet bill sure burst oso... bibi~

9:32 pm

Thursday, June 03, 2004

yO~* i'm back. finally. haunted hse rox!!!

the working process rox too.. wahaha..

fRiDay (28th mAy)
started e decoration of HH.. me, van, aikleng jane, tanyaw and josh went to fred's hse.. to take photos.. (which never came out..) me and aik leng look like sisters after the make-up (muahahah...) van and josh look like the couple from Adam's Family. straight cool.. then we made the goo.. (became stinky) wahahah... go back skool kena scolded.. ppl think we slack... *ka-bish* =P
after that rnd nine we whole group went for dinner.. went west mall.. did a good deed on the bus.. return key.. hahahah.. went to the food court.. so full.. then walk all the way back to maC.. lOlx.. then silly deyang think they will deliver the fries then nv go take.. -_-" then after that go home le =D

sAtuRdaY (29th mAy)
second day of decoration.. abit sian la.. so many ppl nv turn up.. poor me.. ^_^! jkjk.. roughly the same as fri.. not much.. we finished the decoration rnd 6 liddat.. then ms chua treat pizza hut.. wahah.. we went to pizza hut at JEC.. so shuang.. in the end the bill $270+ =S then we top of the rest for ms chua.. see we sho nice.. then after that went home.. hahah.. =P

sUndAy (30th mAy)
wooHoo.. the actual day of carnival!!! kinda coOl.. we get such a long queue for HH.. like ppl Q-ing for hello kitty.. hahha.. jkjk.. not that much la.. but really cool.. some ppl scream like mad.. i luffin at them ^^V then jongling got frightened by tanyaw and jane.. wahahahah!!! =X then after the whole thing we all super damn tired.. then at 5:30 start to clean up the whole place.. and shift all the tables back.. finally finished after an hour =D then had to look for band room key.. found the key then realise no lock.. >.<
then after that we one whole group went to JEC again.. for KFC.. haha.. this time we took bus "11".. ya rite. walk sia.. take so long de.. then Ivan on the way sing here and there.. then me and fabian sing spongebob!! wahaha.. found a fren who appreciates spongebob le.. hahah.. =P then me share food with my piggy.. haha.. (oh ya.. must return him money.. ^^) then after that went home.. hahah...

results of sales out le.. we earned over 3000 bucks.. wahahah!!! go maN!! ³/6ërz rox!!! we earned the most.. second highest only $1000+ hahah.. so we get special treatment after that.. =P but we and the dunk wun get the first price "because of the nature and value" wad the hell.. hope they annouce we get highest though.. we want the reputation =D the first prize only $700+.. hahha.. HH and DUNK rules!! wooHoo!!

6:36 pm