Sunday, October 17, 2004

okay i finally finished this layout.. fixed some probs.. but still got prob^^ i need to make those scrollbars transparent =D other than that.. i really like this layout! hahah.. that's for me though.. if u guys have any comments feel free to say k? =D

10:18 am

Saturday, October 16, 2004

my whole body hurts damn lot like hell.
have a purple bruise the size of my palm on my left knee..
wadya think? and the inside of my body.. hurts like hell..
i can't even lift apiece of paper without feeling pain..
this sux damn lot..
i'm afraid..
of death.
I used to think death was nothing.
but not now,
not now i don't.
It feels as if..
I might not even live thru today.

7:38 am

Sunday, October 10, 2004

and finally...
okay fine. so they are not. yet.
but hey, a girl can dream, can't she? =)
what is physics? someone tell me.. cos.. i really YI QIAO BU TONG.. dunno what physics is talking bout..
like.. HEY! pink lady is on tv again! she got secret bf in secret country! i oso have!! okay back to the topic. so.. physics is like.. totally NOT communicating with me.. it does noe me and i dun noe it. where's mr physics??? hello??? earth to mr physics! c'mere my darling! i need ur help! haiz. [and once again... the SeaL calls to no avail..] and the test is like on.. Monday?? o_O
well, anyways.. fri was crap. crap. crap. emath was okay.. in the fact that i nv stardie.. it's gd enuff.. and u noe wad's the worst thing? i couldn solve the basketball Q till the last min.. and when i finally solved it.. there was like 1 min left.. then the answers were on my rough paper.. so i tried to search for the ans.. BUT I COULD NOT SEE IT! AHHHH!!!! i was shaking like hell. in the end still cannot find. haiz.
lit was worse... i took so long to choose the Qs.. in the end do the passage.. -_-'" i did the prose. didn really understand well.. but.. WHO THE HELL HAS THE TIME TO GO AND ANALYSE???? so in the end still finished.. but.. u noe wad.. 3/4 did the poem BEFORE. i mean. we have the same teacher. but.. WHY DIDN WE DO BEFORE??? *sniff*
so after that went to JEC.. eat.. play play.. go arcade.. got chased out.. play.. read.. stardie.. go home.. slack.. sleep.. wake up... watch cartoon.. play.. sleep... watch tv... and here i am. =)

11:51 am

Friday, October 08, 2004

yes, i'm back to blog as i promised=) uH.. and playing neopets again =D dang. i'm so addicted to it now! nobody comes near! *slowly backs away wielding chopper wildly*
i used the com till 4 plus just now, slept till 6:50, ate, and now i'm here again! oops. looks like i haven done much but.. i dun reaqlly mind now.. so heres my plan for the rest of the day, or night:
play com (now)
study emath
tada~ see? i've planned. agd one to me. which totally leaves no time for lit. i dun think i have to read thru for KOTC though... ms lim has it that she made me rmb so many stuff orleady.. come here baby~ and i'll tell u the story.. other than that, it only leaves me with the unseen. wad are we supposed to noe? someone tell me.

10:12 am

Thursday, October 07, 2004

dammit. i can't believe i'm so lucky. i hardly studied my chem. and today, IT WAS SO FUN TO DO! okay. =X
i'm already in holiday mood. dun blame me. i'm just feeling so stress-less now. not that i dun noe there's still sch tmr.. just that.. I DUN CARE! playing neopets now ^_^... just finished playing PS though... PLAY PLAY PLAY! hurhur...
okay off to play.. later i'll blog again..

4:28 am

Sunday, October 03, 2004

i swear i laughed like a heyena when i saw this. i stumbled upon it on the net. wonder who did it. hmm. hope it's not really blue and yellow.

1:55 pm

ah.. the stresses of exams.. the happiness too.
stress meaning no time study no mood study.
happiness meaning, it's gonna be over! =D
on plus side, after exams i'm free!!!
on minus, it means have to go back band.
jl just reminded me ytd.
just when i got used to a band-less life..

didn had the mood to study from ytd nite till a few hr back..
still have quite an amount of chinese to mug for..

oh yea.. thnx uh jamie.. for u noe, killing me as i requested.. well uh.. thnx.. =)

let me leave with sylvester's photo! lOl.. next time i put others k? hahaha

9:31 am

Saturday, October 02, 2004

eng paper. sucKed.
just watched the results of sg idol.. gee.. i can't believe jeassea's out! wad has the world come to? she's got such a powerful voice!!! no way!!! *reality check: I'm awake, yes, very awake* darn i still can't believe it.. well at least sly, chris and david and maia is still in..
i dun want to admit but i have to. olinda is gd. there.. I SAID IT!!! as much as i dun really like her =(
so.. wad does it mean, when he keeps appearing in ur thoughts? whenever ure thinking of sth.. like say.. sg idol, or bout exams or school or anything, his face will just pop in ur thoughs and blankO everything else? wad does it mean? =(
i'm still contemplating wether i shld go for the camp. i can just call in sick that day.. i mean.. they can't do anything to me right?? oh well..

12:25 pm