Sunday, December 26, 2004


bleH. I very long nv update blog le.. was lazy.. wahahaha!
well.. my new layout is coming up soon..
got the picture ready..
now for the tough part.. the template Y_Y

wanna thank all the ppl who have given me birthday presents..
I shall thank them in order of it given to me ^^

1. (Thong) Hui Min - for the cute ladybug thingy!
2. Gabriel a.k.a. gabbie - for the Backgammon artbook!
3. My Mum - for the converse wallet and bottle!
4. My Aunt - for the converse sling bag!
5. Renard - for the uber-cute doggie!
6. Jongling - for The Dog! (sorry i lost it ^^!)
7. Yuet Feng - for the raccoon + the choker! (lurve it :D)

okay i think that's all for now.. did I miss any out? hmm
dun think so.. wahaha.. if there is more then i'll add :P

anyways.. I dun think I'll blog much now, until my new layout is out..
meaning.. once it's out then I'll blog regulary..
heh.. so for now, ciaO~!

4:25 am

Thursday, December 02, 2004

It's the Singapore Idol FINALS today!
It's so exciting.. and so fast!
I dunno who's gonna win.. I sure hope it's not Taufik!
sorry to Taufik fans..
but personally, I dun like Taufik..
He's not.. you noe.. appealing..
nvm bout that first.
we shall all wait for the results.. :)

ytd after band I went to westmall with Nicole, Aidil Jongling and Yuet Feng..
we ate BK..
and once again, I bought the wrong meal Y_Y
The meal was "BBQ Turkey Bacon Cheeseburger"
I didn noe it was beef.
i tot it was just BBQ Turkey and Bacon, with cheese.
yes yes.. u all thinking i very stupid now rite?
*sinff* so bad..
and i had to eat it..
no choice..
cuz i not supposed to eat beef de ma..
and beef is just so fattening! (althought cheap)

*Seal's "shout-out-of-the-heart" Section*

I'm so darn pissed by some ppl!
basically two of them..
once.. they were such nice ppl..
they wld laugh along with a joke..
two of my gd frens..
but then.. after "THAT"they totally changed..
changed so much I couldn't stand it..
now, every time there's a small joke,
they get agitated easily..
almost like as if I've offended them..
and when they were exactly unresonable, and u tell them so,
they start to get defensive.. and wld think they are always right..
I mean, after "THAT", they really have changed so much..
so much that it made me wonder if I was ever friends with them..
they seem to be more concern about "THAT" now..
wad WE feel, is almost no longer important to them..
it's just they they themselves!
I really feel like saying out loud so many things..
but then i can't..
lest they get "offended" again.


7:33 am