Thursday, February 03, 2005

deyang show me kristin krek (uH. dunno how to spell) pic..
dun really look like vaneesa lim to me..
but she looks kinda cool.. quite chio too..
(anways.. why am i saying this? loL.. cuz i nth better to do now >_<)

10:53 am

back to blog again..

hey ppl.. guess wad time i slept last night???!
8:30 PM!
cool rite..
but i woke up at 4am the next morning..
that makes 7 and a half hours of sleep..
not bad..
i woke up early in the morning today to do my math homework..
(so long rite)
in the end, i only managed to solve 1 question, out of SIX.
all thnx to Ren Kiat, Terence Chew, Wei Kang, and Nicole, (lolx.)
i am now able to understand and do my gradient function..
thankew thankew
and also thnx to ppl who helped make it possible..
Jia Xin (for correction fluid)
and Bixia (for foolscap paper)

okay so.. really comical when i stepped into my classroom today
on the white board was a notice with the title "SHAMEFUL CLASS"
so cute..
anyways.. it was about our class being the dirtiest and so on..
written by Mr Seah..
so of cuz we got detention!
so cool..
i think it's the first time i got it.. >_<
anyways.. detention is like, 4 classes sit in front of general office and do worksheets????
cool huh.

oh ya! i got my SAIYUKI RELOAD 4 (ENGLISH EDITION) today!!
so cool! (lili finally rmb to bring :P)
got cute goku postcard..
okay enuff of that..
got something wanna ask u guys..
cuz rite.. i wanna change blog site already..
cuz i want like, a site.. not just a plain blog..
so i can have other pages..
wad u guys think?
and i'm changing tagboard..
dun wan use flooble le.. >_<
always down..
but i will leave the new link on this site..

so fun..
can't wait..
wad a joyous occasion.. NOT.
okay la.. actually only bad thing is hafta clean the hse..

oh oh and..
i have new method for sectionals le..
uH.. not exactly new method.. but just different from wad i usually do..
i'm not gonna be too kind already..
cuz SYF is so darn near and ppl are still asleep in their la-la land..
i've picked up some gd skills from other SLs.. even from choir one..
cuz we are tackling the same problem anyway..
so u shall see soon..
and i'll end here.. ^^
seldom type so long..

10:51 am