Monday, January 30, 2006

Song: Heaven Knows
Singer: Chen Wei Lian

this song by wei lian really nice =)

haiz.. this few days.. haha.. not really good la..firstly let's talk bout fri.. CNY celebration in sch.. the concert was not bad.. but endedso early.. i nth to do also.. play HOTELS with yihan.. then go queensway.. after that go home sleep!!

sat had to wake up early for the archery course.. had to go alone cos gabriel went to Msia, yuet feng had to spring clean, qin wen mum dun allow, and caixiang can't see with no specs or had sth on.. and the freaking bus.. took so long to come.. in the end i was late.. then saw coach george.. i was lucky cos he was about to leave.. well the theory was 3 hrs long.. by the time i got home..i really felt like taking a good sleep.. but my mum didn allow that.. i had to spring clean!! urgh.. so after that all i was REALLY tired..

ytd went visiting.. nth much to say.. oh well.

Heaven Knows
Rick Price

She's always on my mind
From the time I wake up,
Till I close my eyes
She's everywhere I go
She's all I know

And though she's so far away,
It just keeps getting stronger everyday
And even now she's gone
I'm still holding on

So tell me, where do I start
'Coz it's breakin' my heart
Don't wanna let her go

Maybe my love will come back someday
Only heaven knows
And maybe our hearts will find a way
But only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope & pray
'Coz heaven knows.

My friends keep telling me
That if you really love her,
You've gotta set her free
And if she returns in time
I'll know she's mine

But tell me, where do I start
'Coz it's breakin' my heart
Don't wanna let her go

(Repeat Chorus except last line)

'Coz heaven knows
Why I live in despair
'Coz wide awake or dreamin',
I know she's never there
And all the time I act so brave,
I'm shakin' inside
Why does it hurt me so?

(Repeat Chorus)

Heaven knows... heaven knows

12:32 pm

Thursday, January 26, 2006

hmm.. these few days I haven been feeling great.. dunno why but I've been pretty tired.. haiz..

ytd ODAC first training.. haha.. PT was tough.. with all the crunches and reverse-crunches and stuff.. and at the start of the run my hamstring pain like siao.. then cannot run =(.. but they ran real fast.. like sprinting.. lOl.. next was frisbee!! woo!! most fun part.. haha.. during the first match our group lost.. cause we didn't plan well.. haha.. but after that we plan our tactic well and we won the next 2 matches!! haha.. all thnx to chamayne la.. nobody seems to guard her.. so she keep scoring.. lOl.. darn funny.. the last match rite.. we won 4 goals.. then at the last min shahrin's grp got 1 goal in and they were really happy cause it was their first goal.. haha.. poor guys.. =P

well today.. haiz.. GP cher nv come.. so i'm the GP rep and i'm like supposed to have the class stay in class and do the given work.. but they didn want.. and some guy even kp me.. and i was darn pissed cause i really not feeling good that day.. i mean.. why can't they even co-operate? in the end i was like.. "forget it" and i let them do the work in the canteen.. just like they wanted.. BUT. only the girls did (and i thankew very much) and the guys either went to play ball or played risk. in the end also nv hand up.. you know wad? i dun care anymore.

8:31 pm

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Today's Joshua's last day in school..

[Will I be able to tell him the truth? I've had enough..]

9:15 pm

Monday, January 23, 2006

yay! finally got to try archery.. thnx to caixiang aka roger.. =)
it's really cool.. just that i had to use the tube bow.. lOl.. lousy bow.. haha
anyways.. i really wanna kill caixiang.. for suaning me the whole day ytd!! I'LL KILL YOU!!! argh!!

anyways.. today really boring.. keep falling asleep in class.. lucky zhao qi got teach us how to sleep in class.. haha.. thnx wor..

in other news, i'm really getting sucky in running.. i totally lost everything since after o levels..
today pe after 2 rounds i had to stop for water liao.. my throat totally dried up.. until almost pain.. but after than continued running.. haiz... how liddat..

anyways.. i grew 1.5 cm since orientation!! yay! but i got 1.3kg heavier.. sian diao.. came to the conclusion that it's all caixiang's butter cookies' fault.. so much butter!!! kill him again!!!

haiz. sianz.

9:08 pm

Thursday, January 19, 2006

I finally got in ODAC.. phew.. it was so tough!! but really felt great after the whole thing..
but today was hell.. i could hardly walk.. and climbing stairs was torturous..
luckyly PE teacher nice, i dun have to run.. haha..
well shall not elaborate on wad happened for ODAC trial.. too tired..
but just to tell u guys the interview got a dumb question..
"If your boyfriend/spouse and an ODACian fall into the sea, who would you save first?"
i was like "wth"
anyways, ciao~

3:48 pm

Friday, January 13, 2006

Woo today darn fun!
okay the fun actually started in the afternoon.. Nootka went Mac.. then after caixiang joined us.. damn funny man.. he told us alota funny and stupid stuff.. then sparks flew for jon and caixiang.. hahahah.. they talk so loud until the whole Mac can hear man!and I'm so surprised that caixiang plays maple! lol.. but very fun la.. then Yixian also laming away.. until he tired and fall asleep.. OH YA. caixiang said that Nootka was really the CHAMPION CLAN! woos! haha.. NOOTKA RAWKS! (btw.. Nootka having clan sweater!! cool!!)
After that was time for ODAC trials.. lol.. that one also fun.. first we had to divide into groups.. then got this Josephian guy infront of me.. he suddenly ask me qn.. I heard "What school U?" then i tot he ask about uniform.. so i was "HUH?" haha.. only after asking awhile then i realised he ask me what sch i from.. muahaha. i blur sia.. well anyways our leader was Tim
after that the first game was some STICKO game.. quite similar to wacko.. but is throw bottle de.. THEN STUPID GERALD (watch out i'll kill him) SABO ME!!! where got ppl throw bottle to the side de! whatever la.. Then got this other girl hide her name I cannot see.. sianz in the end me and this other guy kena forfeit (how to spell?) i had to butt-write Pioneer JC!! wah lau like so damn sia suay.. must be retribution for laughing at Vincent.. haha..
then the next game is some kind of weird game i shldn talk about..
then next we played "caterpillar".. the game itself is alright.. but alot ppl's butt scratched and hands got blisters.. me thanks my lucky stars nothing happened to me..
after that was the "tunnel game".. it was really dark at first.. then we got stuck quite a few times.. haha.. but with perseverance we got thru! irritating thing was.. some ppl use camera to take photos.. then the flash so bright.. haha.. but in the end me elbows got scratched..
next game was some web game that we had to go thru.. in the end had to do 46 push ups.. haix.. lol
last game was the egg game.. we had 8 mins to plan and drop an egg from the 2nd storey without breaking it.. we used losta socks and a shoe.. then when we dropped the shoe, we heard a "piak" sound. then we were like "OMG!" cause got our socks.. but lucky nv break.. haha.. and the bad smell was our socks.. lols..
OUR GROUP WAS THE FIRST TO FINISH EVERYTHING!!! haha.. but the worse part came..
Tim made us ROLL IN THE FIELD!! got so much mud lor.. I was wet alll over.. sianz man.. then i realised one thing.. the mud got in my scratched elbow.. haha.. then i was like "how".. in the end when to clean up.. but Tim insisted using First-Aid.. so.. okay lor.. haha.. but the alcohol was VERY PAINFUL!!! haha.. But anyways, thnx Tim!=)
after tha everyone clean up then can go liao.. this was the first time i ever got THAT dirty. wahahas! I'm growing up. lol.

Oh when Nootkas!
Oh when Nootkas!
Oh when Nootkas come marching in!!
We want to be on top of the others!!
Oh when Nootkas come marching in!!

10:54 pm

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Heyas! It's been a long time since I blogged. This is just a temporary layout. I'll be making a new one... featuring my favourite red haired Reno from FFVII Advent Children.. muahahas

Well anyways orientation is over! I kinda missed it. It was really fun! And Nootka won MOST UNITED CLAN award! Because we guys are UNITED! muahahaS!
Yesterday was really cool though! OG 26 was really high!

In the morning our Og met early in sch to write messages for out OGLs.. Then Yixian came, critised my hand writting and stuff.. then tried to lame here and there.. whatever lah Yixian!! I'M TALLER THAN YOU!!!

Tell you all a secret.. maybe you guys already know.. During the mass games right.. me and Wenny ran away! But come on man! The ground was soooo muddy and my feet could sink in it! Don't blame me! But I guess the most interesting part about the mass games is when Joshua and Jon they all pulled Yvonne into the field! And dragged her!But that was not all.. cause she took revenge later.. haha.. Hey and she bullied me k.. she poured a whole bottle of water down my back.. what the hell ..

We ordered pizza for dinner that night too.. We ordered 6 hawaiian pizzas.. but turn out, very small only.. so in the end everyone ate quite little.. sobx. and then we took pictures!

Then the camp fire started! OMG! what a "WONDERFUL FIRE" we had! The "FIRE" was from candles, and the "FLAMES" were made from raffia string! And a fan was used to blow the "FLAMES"!! HOW REAL!!

okay well, I was being sacarstic. But the school didn't really have a choice. It's was a rainy day. Haiz. But anyways, it was still losta fun. fun, FUN! I really screamed till my voice almost gone.. haha.. After the other clans performance, it's finally Nootka's turn!! We had a Nootka band! lol.
I think Jon they all sang really well.. they crowd sang with them too! so brave.. lOl..
I guess my fav part was the mass dance and fun dance!! so mass and so fun!! haha..
but we only got to dance twice.. and the floor got so many things, I kept stepping on them! Gomen! After all thta got alota singing and then there was the prize giving ceremony.. We got "Most United Clan"! haha.. Then we were like, so happy man! Cause all our hardwork has paid off.. Then the ceremony very funny one.. Cause for all the other awards we were screaming " DON'T WANT!" haha.. so lame.. cause we only want to be the best! haha.. After that, our OGLs pinned the sch badge one by one on us! (our shirts, not literally on us) So touching. haha.. Then there was lots of singing again.. ou whole OG hug together and sing! so fun! After that everyone wanted more FUN dance.. but in the end the teacher dun allow.. But come on lor.. the dance only 2min+.. liddat also dun allow.. so "niao".. haha.. Then we have to go off already..

But wait! our OG went to a nearby HDB block void deck and wrote messages for each other! there were so many! lOl.. and we took quite long.. then shahrin gave us the friendship band that he made for us.. haha.. so funny.. he go learn.. but we all appreciated his sincerity.. well me at least.. then after that we went home that time.. saw somthing VERY OBVIOUS.. that SOMEONE like SOMEONE.. haha.. those at the bus stop with me shld know who.. "I'll wait for your bus first" lOl!!

Okay after that went home already.. Was so tired.. didn't even go online.. Only washed up, ate noodles( I was darn hungry!) and slept. lOl

The Nootka Funky Cheer
Nootka we FUNKY we look like WOOH!
Nootka we ENTHU we look like WOOH!
Nootka we ARE THE BEST we win like WOOH!

11:17 am