Tuesday, February 28, 2006


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Saturday, February 25, 2006

wee.. back from OGL camp.. was supposed to go for night cycling.. but in the end chose OGL camp.. i'm very sorry gab.. so i ps u.. =( dun angry k? i very guilty le lehhs.

anyways.. the camp was funnn! okay well i was late.. only reach about 4+.. the funn part is only the singing and dancing part.. haha.. the singing one we have to new songs!! one written by Jensen.. the song is nice larrs. though it's quite hard to sing.. 2 octaves.. i cannot take it.. >.< and it was funny cause Jonathan Set (he alwasy kena called to sit.. cannot stand XD) cannot sing the "perfect strangers" part.. which stretches to quite high a note.. then very lame lahhs. another new song is the Friend's theme song.. forgot called wad.. but the song is catchy and nice ya =)

then the dance part!! we all have to find partner.. at first i grabbed gerald.. then we see alota guys like no partner.. which is toatlly impossible as there are a shortage of guys.. but alas! keller ppl came and took gerald from me!! :( anyways.. i partnered my polo friend Jason.. wah i tell u buay tahan.. cause throughout the dance he kept making fun of xinyin (dunno how to spell) about her height then it was freaking hilarious lahhs!! loL then because jason hand long hands.. during the mass dance we keep hitting people XD.. then cause he has long legs he keep hitting oliver XD lOl.. damn funny lahhs.

okay then it's night time to sleep!! no lah of course there was debrief and ppl bathe first.. and all.. yea yea.. then jeannette came to my room to sleep XD before that we went to get food.. jeannette got nodles loL.. then very funny.. then the polo girls keep chatting.. they very pro.. can chat very long.. okay la me and jeannette chat v long too.. i think we 3+ then sleep >.< and the room has freaking bad reception!! urgh.

anyways we woke up early to try and catch sunrise. too much clouds though. cannot see anything sianz. then it was breakfast and i went home after that cause I wasn't feeling well yea.. then slept all the way until........NOW. haha. well it was the fun-est camp i ever attended XD

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

hihi =D

lolx.. that's what cindy always does.. damn cute..
anyways today morning i was very blur.. took my tshirt n placed it beside my bag instead of in my bag.. so in the end forget bring.. lucky alec has extra.. but so frigging big lOL.. PE was okay la.. bball.. i nv get to touch the ball yea =) and germ bought 5 stones!! haha!! childhood game lOL.. i totally forgot how to play lahh! then people finish like 1 round i still at stage one lOL..

after sch went to jeannette's hse..it's freaking 4 storeys man!!.. WTH!! so big la!! anyways.. we played cards and stuff yea.. and claire cooked.. haha.. hardwork for 3 hrs.. yea the food was not bad.. out future home-economics teacher XD oh ya!! we painted some of the guy's nails.. LOL.. ivan(gay) has nice nails.. but they scratched me!! sad.

and i went home. so there.
tmr not gg sch!! told my mum yea.. cause got night cycling.. wanna wake up late.. lOL.. will miss the class tmr.. XD

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Monday, February 20, 2006

this post is dedicated to lili.. haha.. this is a page from a bk that i read.. to ans ur qns ya =)


Love that has not friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand - ella wheeler wilcox

Ever had a crush on a friend? If you declare your devotion and are met with, "Really? Um, I'm flattered, but I like you as a friend," your friendship might go through an awkward phase -- or possibly slide down the tubes. So hold your cards cloaser to your chest as you attempt to gauge the person's interest. Look in his/her eyes and notice if those baby blues (browns, greens, or hazels) gaze back. Touch the person lightly on the arm, and see if there is a shift toward you -- or away. Dress up a little; suggest taking a walk; use the person's name -- e.g., "David, that is so funny!" or "Pretty earrings, Olivia." Test the waters before jumping in.

If you're brazen, consider saying, "I heard a crazy rumor that we were going out. Can you imagine?" otice if the person (a) gags or (b) turns purple or (c) smiles and says, "Not so crazy -- I have a good imagination," thereby lobbing the ball back in your court.

Miracles do happen. Friendships do blossom and evolve and sometimes catch fire. In the movie Broadcast News, Aaron Altman said, "I would give anything if you were two people so that I could call up the one who's my friend and tell her about the one that I like so much."

But miracles are rare. So if your friend-crush keeps blathering on about his/her crush on someone else, take heart. Sparkling friendship often outlasts fragile romance, and guy-girl friendships are wonderful in their own right. Besides, if you wait awhile, someday your friend might see you in a new light -- or you might wonder how you ever considered those lips kissable.

Friendship into love? Proceed with caution.


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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i like him. crap i really do.
but he'll never know cause I don't think I'll ever tell him..

10:38 am

ytd was FUNNN.
ha!.. really rox..
part of 06S21 went to east coast..
we rented bikes (wanted skates la) then we.. ride lor..
then we went to this pier? bridge? where there were alota fishermen.. then this uncle.. so pro.. within a min he can catch more than 6 fishes.. he says they are for nasi lemak. haha..
alas! IT STARTED TO RAIN!! so we sought shelter under a shelter. err. sounds weird. lOl. anyways.. we were throwing this pack of food about until the rain stopped.. so we cycled again.. XD
we came to a beach where we played frisbee n stuff.. damn cool.. there was also piggyback racing!! wenjie carried jeaneette, n gay carried me.. it felt like chocobo racing!! gawd. haha
we took many pics.. and many swam in the sea
after that we went esplanade.. we ate.. n walked about.. so many couples.. alec wanted to take this romantic scene.. but.. cannot la.. haha..
then there was this man proposing to this woman!! so sweet!! he was on his knees.. aww.. and i think the woman agreed XD.

after that went home.. on the way.. yihan was MADDD. shall not elaborate..

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Monday, February 13, 2006

no matter the results.. it still would have been PJ for me. so.. stop harping on it. PLEASE. I'm sick and tired of you saying how lousy my results are until I have no schools to choose.
someone just kill me.
do it.

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Sorry mum..
13 points is too lousy for you..
But I really did my best..

1:24 pm

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kal Ho Naa Ho.. great movie.. made me cry.. haha..
The man could not tell the girl of his love.. cause he was a dying man..
*sniff*. very nice la..

anyways.. very long nv update liao.. let's skip some days and go back to last sun.. haha..
sun not a bad day.. i went for archery.. realised i can only shoot a targets that are right smack in the middle of the board.. lOl..
well aftre that i went home.. then went for class outing.. okay la.. less than half the class turned up.. we went to pizzahut first.. then played pool.. then went linda's hse.. got angpow!! haha.. that was the end of the outing.. sad huh.. lOl

oh yea. i got a bruise. from archery.. looks like that.
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