Thursday, March 30, 2006

my virgin sakae-trip. haha!!

okay many thanks to jeannette and all others who "treated" me k. i really appreciate it =)
and many thanks to germ ivan praveen n xpang. for laughing damn loudly when there was seriously nothing to laugh at. you guys were wonderful XD.
okay actually the laugh started cuz of this:
ME: I feel like burping.
XPANG: burp lor. we wun mind.
ME: the last time i burp gab scold me leh. =(
XPANG: you don't burp loud can already la. if you burp until gab can hear you i'll also scold you.
then everyone started laughing.. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA X infinity. i was almost choking on my food k. wth la!! but really fun!! after that we kept laughing cuz germ had this really contagious laugh.. and wenjie kept trying to imitate her, and praveen was like "HO HO HO". christmas is over k.
ivan was really gay. i shall state 2 incidents:
[incident one]
*ivan n xpang were sharing toufu*
IVAN: where is the other half?
In your tummy?
okay maybe see liddat not very funny. but you have to listen to me say it!!. it was so gay.
[incident two]
IVAN: jelly fish!!
GERM: eee i hate jellyfish
-then forgot what happened here-
IVAN: yum yum!!
okay then we started this "jellyfish, jellyfish, yum yum!!"
well after that we had this "mochi thingy" so many diff colours haha..
only our table have.. gab's nv order..
then we all held up our mochi and went "yay..."
haha.. then xpang went "my mummy buy for me wan ! "
we were like. WTF? and we started a laughing fit again. really hilarious k. it was like, laughing was contagious la!! LOL.
okay i serioucly cannot rmb other stuff that happened already.. haha.. but i do remember i got too full. too full for comfort. haha and we were like.. swearing we wouldn't touch sushi for like, a month.

btw, I'm in Archery now!!! MUAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA!!! XD

9:10 pm

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

ytd's performance at the esplanade was not bad =)
actually alota things i dun understand, but HECK. LOL. i was listening to the band..
okay fine, the band was a bit too loud, and the drama was kinda, fighting to be heard LOL.
but the play was still interesting.. storyline is quite good (ps. I LOVE MISSY)
the band played some pretty nice songs.. amongst the best was "somewhere over the rainbow" and "wizard of oz" XD. band rox. Commonwealth Military Band rox XD
okay choir's classic moment!! last part of the show when they are singing "somewhere over the rainbow". damn hilarious. they were like walkin down steps and when the walked down ONE step, i think they kinda triped or sth, and the song became "SomewherEEEE over the rainbow...." LOL. they "zhao-xia"-ed it was seriously funny haha.
okay after the concert..
hmmmmmm.. we(me, aidil, kat, yuhan, sherwei, jiahao, alan) singed our way to marina square.. haha.. we were like, so noisy la. so we went to mac to eat. WTF la the girl who served us is like, SO ATTITUDE. then say deliver our burger later. 10 mins later still dun want deliver. i even finished my fries k. so dumb la. in the end we have to take them ourselves. by the time it reached us the burger cold liao lor. wtfreak la.
well after that we wanted to take taxi home.. so went to the taxi stand.. eeeee.. so many ppl.. in the end we went to "The Oriental" to take taxi. wah damn shiok la!! got ppl serve you. we've never been treated that well before LOL.
okay after that reached home and slept. HA.

8:27 pm

Monday, March 27, 2006

my parents just quarrelled.
by the end of august, my family will have no car.
my mum is jobless now.
my father has to take on extra job, and i dunno how he's gonna cope with no sleep.
and i'm freaking broke, with a mountain of debts.
and i still have so much to pay for school.
and i couldn't possibly ask my mum for money.
my family's in a f***ed up financial crisis.
my life is f***ed up.

7:45 pm

Saturday, March 25, 2006

went for archery today, like, FINALLY.
but it was cool. coach was real friendly haha.. okay me and gab were like totally off form.. but well, it's been ages since we shot anything.. and one of my arrows actually went off the board into the middle of the field.. went to search for the arrow with gab.. totally couldn't find it la!! i was like. wtfreak. and gab was damn sian diao also.. FINALLY for wad seemed like eons, i finally found it beneath the grass. harhar. it's was bright orange somemore k..
after awhile we finally decided to move on to using the sight.. then me and gab were like, trying to motivate one another.. and we found our source of motivation!! Miss Song. MUAHHAHA.
gab was telling me. "hey that's ms song's face!!"
and i was like "woohoo!" and my arrow hit the bullseye.
LOL. wth la. then i did the same to gab. and he hit the same spot as me too!! WAHAHAA. it was damn hilarious k. the wonders of motivation. =)
after that went to meet jean for lunch.. met her friends.. haha.. finally knew why she's always crazy lOL.
anyways i really wanna thank gab n jean.. for being there for me always.. for spending time with me even though they could have it for themselves.. without them.. i wouldn't have pulled through all the difficulties I've faced. thanks alot. really. and we shall forever be HAPPY THREE FRIENDS!! yea? XD

1:23 pm

Monday, March 20, 2006

first day of school~
and already so busy. wtfreak.
lessons today ended like, 5:30!!
sian. okay but found out my CT/econs tutor is actually not THAT bad after all. at least when u dun look at her face, yea. and her lectures were clear. and during the lects. our class was like, THE NOISEST i bet. then 3 guys in the front started spinning files until the teacher buay tahan.. it was hilarious la!!

okay one good news was WE GOT MR PATRICK KOW FOR PHYSICS AGAIN!! WEE!!
okay but we didn get K.Ang for PE. =(
but he misses us, and we miss him, so =)

okay math. we got miss piggy song again. sian. and she almost made me the MATH REP LA!!
she was like "Can you be my math rep?"
I was like "Um." and i blinked.
"I'll let the class know later."
"Um. O-kaaay....."
but thank gawd for my wonderful class.. they prevented me from being the Maths Rep. XD love u guys. okay and thanks alot to Josiah too.. he agreed to take my place. haha.. anyways Josiah damn cool i think.. he clicks easily with us.. and he's lame!! wee!!
I was telling him "Commonwealth people are poor cause we have common wealth."
and he went "o-kayy.. then my sch must be very united cause we are Unity."
LOL. okay that was cool. haha

okay we had GP.. I think Mr Eddie Koh's cool.. and i end up GP rep. LOL. and this time alvin's the damn cold one.. about the "tea" thing. LOl. okay la he's always cold.

okay time for complain.

and i think i must have been diaoing her cause jeannette was like "okay u hate her"
haH. but i really hate her yea. make us memorise everyone's names. must know how to write somemore. wtfreak la. i mean if the names were english i'm still fine with it.. BUT IT'S IN CHINESE!! wth. i hate her.

7:11 pm

Sunday, March 19, 2006

hmm, looking back at my past posts, i realised how much i've grown, erm not that much in terms of physically (okay i've grown taller and heavier, yes.) but much more of mentally. like, my way of thinking is much more mature now, not like some liL' dumb kid who is oblivious to her surroundings. yea. sth like that. haha. and my style of blogging has changed a great deal too.. from "dunno what" to "the current state". okay just kill me i'm crapping LOL.

anyways, health update.
wtfreak. dunno why but i've been sick for like, 3 whole weeks okay. terrible. cannot eat all my favourite food. and many of my favourite food happens to be fried food. wtfreak man. this is so terrible. on the bright side, i can still eat sushi!! yay.

okay lunch time.

2:57 pm

Saturday, March 18, 2006

ytd was fun, funn, FUN!!
Jeannett's condo had swings!! i was like OMG WTH I LOVE SWINGS MAN. damn cool k. esp when u close ur eyes or stare into the sky while swinging muahahhaha!! okay enough of my little fetish for swings. =X
spent most of my day on the lovely swing, and singing XD
for further details please visit Jeannette's blog XD
lOL i lazy to type =P

love this song:

Come What May

Never knew I could feel like this
Like I've never seen the sky before
I want to vanish inside your kiss
Every day i'm loving you more than this
Listen to my heart, can you hear it sings
Telling me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you until the end of time

Come what may
Come what may
I will love you until my dying day

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place
Suddenly it moves with such a perfect grace
Suddenly my life doesn't seem such a waste
It all revolves around you
And there's no mountain too high
No river too wide
Sing out this song I'll be there by your side
Storm clouds may gather
And stars may collide
But I love you until the end of time


Oh, come what may,
come what may
I will love you,
I will love you

Suddenly the world seems such a perfect place


6:55 pm

Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's so unbelievable,
And I don't want to let it go,
Something so beautiful,
Flowing down like a waterfall.
I feel like you've always been,
Forever a part of me.
And it's so unbelievable to finally be in love,
Somewhere I'd never thought I'd be.

11:59 am

Sunday, March 12, 2006

decided to get my butt down and blog bout last day of orientation. lOL.
i woke up abit late and was abit late ya.. loL.. but was excited cuz it's probably one of the last day i ever have to wake up early everyday. yay! special thnx to qinwen for getting me barley. so sweet of u. and charmaine for the honey drink. love ya.
crap. my memory must be failing me. cause i dun remember what happened after that. anyways i'll forward to the CT time lOL. S21 peeps are back together!! lOL so fun.. and there are new additions to the class.. we're now known as S11 loL. the coffeeshop class XD. jeannette now coffeshop "queen" lOL. anyways i think we got a pretty lame teacher.. and she's our econs teacher!! *censored* i wanted miss tan. but ohwell. have to live with it. 2 years.
anyways during lunch break a small grp of us went to hide in LT3 lOL. cooling and lights were on.. we did fun dance on the stage.. very nice XD u shld see how pang turns lOL. after "anime guy" did some serious entertainment.. lOL. he used the mike and made sounds of pang's footsteps lOL. they were like.. "POM POM POM" LOL. FREAKING HILARIOUS. and when pang sat down it was "BREEAC" dunno la. like big fart sound lOL. hope he comes our class. though i dunn think he will lOL.
anyways skip to camp fire lOL. for the first time ever we had a camp fire!! real fire!! haha!! so fun. but so hot. the ground was like burning. so smart me sat on the pom poms. haha. =P well my fav was the dancing part.. fun dance.. mass dance.. the campfire ended quite quickly.. and polo won most united house!! love the ogls. you guys rawk to the core!! hikari came and told me "thanks for an enjoyable orientation" and gave me a big hug. so sweet. then everyone wants a hug. lOL.
after that was quite late so i had to leave.. saw ruiming on the way out.. he was crying!! omg ruiming i'm so gonna miss him.. he gave me a tight hug.. nv seen him cry liddat b4 =(
ohwell. on the way home on the bus gab sat beside this guy who was using his laptop. the guy was playing........... POKEMON. lOL. SILVER VERSION. double LOL. and we were like. giggling all over.. and he using TOGEPI. lOL. really very hilarious.. but aside all the laughter we were actually very freaked out cause this indian guy kept staring at us.. we were so scared that gab and jean got down the same stop as me and sent me home.. how sweet and nice. love them.
anyways that was the end of the day.. next day i only woke at 1130 lOL.

4:08 pm

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tuesday a.k.a. day 2 of orientation:
had house performance.. haha i screwed up.. i can't dance for nuts la.. lOL. but polo ogls very very very happy cuz our OGs stood up to cheer with us!! wee!! go polo!! XD
anyways during the introductory lessons, ponned and went to classroom with s21 peeps and hide lOL. and we had fun dance there XD.. then started to talk crap. ivan is seriously gay-like. found a zhi-lian photo of himself in his phone lOL. "gay moments captured" XD.
there was mass dance n i dance with "olivia" lOL.. he was sick.. so he sweat alot haha.. then his hand slippery slippery lOL.
had dinner with the class ppl at Pepper Lunch. very fun loL.. wen jie was teaching us how to eat. haha.. must hurry stir our food. if not will overcook is certain places lOL. haha.. and thnx pang ah.. sponsor me half lOL XD. anyways the food was great.. i had salmon lol.. love salmon XD.
in other news, the guys said i shld not wear css uniform anymore. looks nerd. =X

Wednesday a.k.a. day 3 of orientation:
no voice and seriously not feeling well. a full day of sufferin'. :(

Thursday a.k.a. today a.k.a. day 4 of orientation:
feeling much better today.. although voice still not back. :(
today had long talks.. and dumb principal's dialouge.. so many stupid request by students.. "can we standardise hair accessory colours?" WTFREAK LA. no brain ar that idiot. this sch so nice let u have multi-colour u duwan u want same colour. stupid. an there was "can we standardise pj shoes?" idiot. can wear ur own shoe u duwan u want everyone the same. seriously.. ppl dun think.. "pj very humid.. can we have sprinklers?" eh u think wad.. all those ridiculous questions.. and waste time.. in the end the whole day drag so long.
anyways for mass games i kena station master.. have to explain the games 5 times.. very tiring.. i totally lost my voice all over again.. =X sian. and i got 2 similar comments. "ooo ur voise so sexy.." dammit.
anyways after sch went to Lot 1 with jeannette to get my dad's present.. got him a mug.. and i finnaly bought my hp strap XD. and got stuff for OG too.. all done is just minutes XD thnx jeannette =) anyways afterthat was hilarious.. me and jeannette were very very very x infinity hungry.. so we went to food court.. and there was sushi!! AHHHH!! u shld see how freaking excited we were!! lol. damn funny la.. jeannette and me were like.. HIGH. and after we ate the first piece we started laughing like mad idiots lOL. like we nv eaten for days.. haha..
anyways went home after that.. my whole family is sick 'xcept my dad. lOL. so my mum didn cook and there was no cake =(

8:28 pm

Sunday, March 05, 2006

this is gonna be a lonnnnnnng post.. cuz me gonna talk bout e last 5 days XD

ponned sch.
haha.. after that went to meet the class for bowling. darn sia suay. the bowling ball actually flew backwards T_T and we were laughing like, crap. after that i had to leave.. and.. classic moment number 2, i left the place with the bowling shoes T_T i was uber blur.
after that went sch for polo hse meeting until 9.. did the floats and dance.. had mac for dinner yay XD

went to sch. then pon sch lOL. met jean pang n alec in sch. then set off to cindy's hse.. very lame on the way la.. after awhile of walking we "longbang" biwei's car for a few metres lol. it was like.. just around a bend lor. lame sia. then met the rest.. me n jean went to 7-11 while others wwnt cindy's hse first.. after that jean told me she dunno how to go cindy's hse. i was like. what the freak. lucky i noe. lOL. at cindy's se.. we realised that xiao pang is staying in PJ!! MUAHAHAA!!.. really return of the king lOL. and the guys swapped uniforms.. pang was wearing this huge ACJC one.. which made him look like a balloon lOL XD. gab looked old in the hwachong one.. while alec looked even older in hwachong top+pj pants lOL. so ah gong-ish XD.. anyways yongjie looked great in css n ivan in hwachong lol.
anyways after a while we went mac for breakfast lol. and germ+nicks came!! XD. the nicks climbed over sch fence lOL. afterawhile something weirdd happened.. this weird guy came n talk to us.. and asked for our autographs.. dunno he genius or weirdo. n germ was like "he's mad one.. let's go!!" lOL. but we still write for him la.. haha.. darn lame..
afterthat we went to get tangyuan so that we can cook at hamidah's hse.. we went back sch awhile to do some stuff.. then it was time to go hamidah's hse.. we took 985 and got down to change bus.. when we realised.. WE LEFT THE FREAKING TANGYUAN AT THE SCHOOL BUS STOP. anyways yj n wj went to get new ones.. and there was long waits here n there.. but we took lotsa photos too.. at hamidah's hse we watched kal ho naal ho and i had to leave halfway for polo hse meeting.. again. was a messy da. could not get uniform cuz we were late. anyways had subway for dinner. first time.. very nice.. after that we were shopping for polo stuff lol. we wanted so many things XD. and i lost my voice. sian.

went to archery range to meet gab. in the end nv shoot cause iwasn feeling well. infinity number of sorries to gab!! and we went to far east bibi n baba to get the pj uniform.. saw alan kat n sherwei there. sherwei so pretty XD
after that gab wanted to cut hair. so we took 190 all the way to the interchange.. then took 172 n ended up in some deserted ooloo island. afterwhich we took 975, when we could have took it on our way to the interchange!! gab!! then later.. we MISSED the stop. thanks ar gab. u good. darn. in the end gab nv got to cut his hair. then went his hse to get his clothes n we met the rest..
played arcarde then started to fly kite.. sian. our kite cannot fly at all.
in the end this uncle came to help us loL. then he say our kite CMI.. and let us play with his. haha.. fun.. i got cut alota time though.. and after much kit flying we went to the bowling alley to look-see. damn nice la the lanes. so smooth. and so many pros. lOL. after that, fly kite again LOL. me n yihan (2 noobs) actually able to let out kite go darn high until some idiots cut our string lol. we were so pissed. in the end the kite got missing. sorry cindy. lol.
after that we went for dinner. STEAMBOAT. lol. nice XD and i got so full.
well we went to the field after dinner for fun dance lol. and took lame n weird photos XD.. then time to rush home lol. lucky jean take cab can "longbang". managed to reach home on time XD.

my PJ uniform is too freaking big!!!

lucky jiayee lend me her shirt. lOL. bibi n baba trick ppl.. the display size n original was like 1n1/2 sizes apart. lol wenjie said i looked good in pj u but the others say okay only lol lame XD
wah actually today my voice abit back lol. polo ogls are cool.. enthu lot. but the og mates.. haha.. abit depressing to talk about.. but only the first day.. cannot expect too much.. anyways today not very fun cause of the stupid long talks.. and stupid alec keep ponning. i also wanna pon. lOL. i kena blacklisted by kokkun for joining 06s21 for that short period of bout 5 mins lOL. so sad. first day only blacklisted haha.
anyways in the afternoon we had dance performane run-thru. i had to learn part of the dance in like.. less than half hr.. and still confused lol. then jason had to leave early.. so i had to dance alone lol darn sad. i liked darwin's dance.. simple but cute XD hopefully tmr polo can dance together.. then our dance will be darn cool lOL XD
okay i lost my voice AGAIN.

10:50 am

Thursday, March 02, 2006

have been quite sick these few days.. all thanks to jeannette ar.. for sneezing around. you good, girl. and so i couldnt attend polo house meeting on mon n tue.
anyways. jeannette u still rawk girl. (for slapping alec- i think that's so cool)
well ytd i was finally fit enough to attend house meeting and OGL training. realised i missed so much stuff. and i miss all the polo ppl alot too. they rawk~ and there was a little bdae surprise for.. uh.. dunno the name la.. lOL. anyways.. later dunno why they started chasing each other around. then xinni chasing jason around the 4th level. darn hilarious lol. oh ya.. the guys are all "sister-fied" now.. all got girly names loL.
Jason - Jayna (spelling not confirmed)
Jonathan- Jona
Kokkun- Corrina >.<
Oliver - Olivia
anyways after that was the OGL training thing.. DANCE AGAIN!!. this time i danced with Jona.. also darn funny sia.. cause we keep doing stupid stuff and Jac was like.. laughing at us.. anyways.. XIAO YUAN FELL DURING THE COUPLE PART!! omg. also dunno how she fell. it's like, everyone turn finish, and we found her on the ground. LOL.i tell u we laugh until cannot take it man. lOL.
anyways the rest a bit dry stuff.. the songs not bad.. at least "Perfect Strangers" sounds so much better now XD
and xinni has now effort +28 LOL.
me only effort +1 la.. haha.
oh ya. the whole thing ended so freaking late.. i got gastric. siaan.

anyways today morning i'm at home.. slacking.. nv go sch.. >.<
sch today only like.. 5 people.. still can't understand how the nicks are so darn guai.. everyday go sch. while me is bad girl.. rotting myself away until the afternoon.. where i have to go for house meeting.. argh! so much things to do.. not enough of me!! cuz of that, i can't go out with class today.
>.< and heard they going bowling. darn.

someone save clone me.

10:34 am