Sunday, April 30, 2006

Had a wonderful Saturday =)

i would say morning was tedious, in a way.
at first i tot it would be relaxing, until my mum called. i had to get out of house to meet her. and it was so damn early!! i was asked to help her pay bills =( using the S.A.M. bleh. it was a bad experience. then i had to wash clothes. after taht i went for my haircut. geez i really duwanna go sch.
well after that, had to meet yuet feng!!

wee!! it's been a long time since i went town..yuet feng wanted to got to "Queen's Courtue" (dunno how to spell) they had pretty cool items.. yf bought a pretty lipbalm and a strap.. pretty pretty.. lol.
we went kino too.. to check out some stuff.. i've always loved kino.. it's gives a very nice feeling.. saw a few girls dressed in kimono.. i guess the girls were being taditional, their faces were painted white.. but they didn have nice features :(
saw WONDER BOY outside paragon!!
lol. he's this freaking 6 years old kids who's freaking pro on the drumset. and he's so cute lah!! he gave me goosebumps. lol.

anyways after a bit of eating n window shopping we went to marina to meet the rest. lol. i'm really sorry renard. really, millions of sorry. i ps u twice already. haha. forgive me. i know u will lol.

we had seafood haha.. me aidil yf fanling n alan faster sat together.. before it was too late!! lol. and we kinda had fun.. lame jokes n stuff.. i kept saying lame stuff.. aidil laughed along.. but i think i irritated alan haha.. and fangling almost killed us!! she cooked crab meat with the plastic on!! LOL. we only realised after we took it out from the soup. then we all. "OH NO" lol. the soup looked toxic in the end. haha. and alan was saying vege can soak up oil. so we said next time we can just use leaves to clean our face.. i said brando tan shld use it.. then fangling say not enough for him to use. LOL. we were crappy that day la.
anyways reached home at 1140 i think. haha.. so late man..

11:28 pm

Thursday, April 27, 2006

time seriously flies.
a third of the year has already gone. shux.
and eddie koh's leaving!! T_T
just when i tot i'll pass my GP for sure, he decides to leave :(
jean n gab has pointed out several times that i have not talked much to them.
well, i seriously have my own troubles yea. troubles that has made it hard for me to communicate well with them now. but nevertheless, i'm trying. i'm always trying. i guess i just need more time to organise my thoughts.

in other news, laughing gang is really helping me alot. especially in terms of stress release. it's like. laughing and laughing for no reason is pretty fun. and when i laugh, i really do not think of all the troubles i have anymore. and suddenly it seriously feels that i'm free, and no worries to think about. i felt like a kid. exp when ivan is arnd cause he just so damn dumb. seriously, can laugh until stomach ache and tears flowing down. can "peng". lol.

anyways we had a very interesting chinese lesson today. cher told us about "reading" ppl. and we found out germ has and will have a damn good and lucky life. and she can really give birth. lol.
what teacher said about me actually kinda freaked me out a little. she said that i'm not very close with my parents. that i would always look for friends to talk about troubles with instead of parents. and i die die also wun want to approach them. that was like, so damn true. and she says i'm the independent type. well i'm damn lazy la. lol.

and germ!! i wanna noe ur korean guy. like so fun. han tae won. mmmmm. lol.
HTW:what's ur name?
GERM:sarang hae yo.


5:32 pm

Friday, April 21, 2006

hmm this is a random update. lol.
sch felt slacky today.
i guess i felt most weird during geog..
forgot why but i said i didn want to talk to ivan.
i seriously forgot why.
then praveen duwan talk to me cuz i duwan talk to his gay partner.
so sad. atleast i had xpang.
anyways. germ has a "zhu ba jie" face.
freaking damn hilarious.
after sch slacked in the concourse with the gang.
there were several lame moments lol.
me n xpang keep throwing green beans into ivan's shirt
then xpang tried to make me eat paper.
i said "ee not fish i duwan!!"
then ivan grabbed the paper and wrote "FISH" on it.
man we sure are a dumb bunch of ppl.
and me and xpang talked alot.
about the class. the ppl. and our thoughts.
i really love xpang la. he rox. =)
in the lib xpang was so shy when he saw venessa
and jealous when he saw josiah with her.
i told xpang i'm a rugger too.
i went "rawr!!"
lol. rawr-girl. lol.'
after that the guys had to leave for rugby
then me n germ went to lot 1 cuz she wanted to buy stuff yea
after buyin stuff i bought a polo bun.
haha first time eat..
damn nice la!!
after that had to go back for archery
like finally, it has started.
and we got coach george!! lol so happy la.
and junming's my buddy lol cuz he got same arm length as me
sian. dunno what to blog bout le.
tmr will be a better day

8:42 pm

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

blog for yesterday, tuesday

i swear it was the worse day of my life.
it was okay in the morning though.. had PW.. and we finally know our groups!!
i love my grp.
my grp oh yeaZ~ LOL.
i love germ n gab's grp too!!
they got BEST COMBO!!
germ was practically grieving man.
she got 2 out of the 3 she did not want.
pohEE ended up in jean's grp
okay now so yihan is the leader.
and the made me the FREAKING SECRETARY.
anyways germ realised that "yea" shaved his head.. lol.. he looked damn funny to me.. but germ insists that it's nice. OH WELL. love is blind. okay make that germ's love is blind.
anyways there was rugby match!! so nice. the weather was perfect.(slight drizzle)
joel was number 20(sub), ivan 27(sub), wenjie.......
not yet match-fitness
i swear if ivan was 28 he would be crying.. and he would have been water boy lol. at least 28 got to play.
anyways SAJC ruggers totally looked like zebras, with the striped shirt and socks. and when they cheered they were like doing zebra mating calls. LOL.
so sad cannot finish watching the match. had to go for physics test. wtfreak man. i've nv taken a more difficult test.
there was this dumb jackie chan question that was so diff.
eko was telling me :"I stare at jackie chan for 15 minutes!! still blank."
after sch i was damn tired.. when i got home it was already 8 plus. AND THERE WAS NO DINNER FOR ME. WTFREAK. in the end i ate maggie mee. i had gastric too.
then had to chiong PI.. i was so tired i took my pillow with me..
anyways shawn was so damn funny. he msned me:

[10:59:40 PM] shawn[shaoso: shifu.
[10:59:40 PM] shawn[shaoso: any progress.
[10:59:41 PM] shawn[shaoso: i've made progress.
[10:59:41 PM] shawn[shaoso: i just opened my file.

-_-" diaoz!!

blog for today

sooooooo tired.
had PE. tiring dumbell-ed PE lesson. bleh.
after that had to rush to meet mdm chong for consultation.. yay at least i improved. =)
argh then had other stupid lesson like math n econs..
well ivan was totally dumb after lecture. he wanted to sleep before the physics test. then xpang, who was feeling retarded, kept saying retarded stuff. and then ivan's whole body would be seen shaking LOL. in the end he didn get much sleep. haha. always disturbed. first i tickle his ear, then germ pat his head. lol.
then i recieved a call. i tot it was the worse call of my life. my mum told me my dad's in NUH cuz of a head injury. i was so damn freaked, i wanted to cry. but seal is strong!! i took a cab to NUH to get my dad home.. he had 10 stitches. owww. but he's okay now, and i'm glad. =)

4:41 pm

Monday, April 17, 2006

members: germaine ivan joel praveen(about to be expelled) seal(me) wenjie

GERMAINE-> perpetually crazy. has a machine gun-like laugh.crazy over "yea" too =) told her one day : "got rain leh". she replied : " i duwan rain. i wan jay." =.=

IVAN-> ivan is seriously... gay. (: and very lame.
"ivan:eh tell me who you like leh.
why you crush him?"

JOEL-> handstand man!! haha.. and chao lame joke guy.. haha.. dunno what to say now.

PRAVEEN-> dumb guy. seriously. can't get dumber. and has a santa claus laugh that goes HOHOHOHOHO. about to be expelled by germ cause he abandons us for gabrielle. bleh.

SEAL-> that's me.

WENJIE-> my dear king. has an evil laugh that goes MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
and very lame too!!
"seal: do you like anyone?
wenjie: who you one me to crush? i go crush the person"

okay there are much more funny stuff about them.
but now i'm seriously brain dead.
i can't think now.
i seriously tired.

anyways i'm officially Shawn's "shifu"
sounds so "dua pai"
lol wadeva that means.

9:09 pm

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

yay saw my crush quite a few times today haha..
okay la.. it's just a crush.. like eye-candy liddat.. i dun really noe him.. so cannot classify as like yet haha.. =P

OKAY. took neoprints AGAIN.

here they are :)

Image hosting by Photobucket
pirate joel!!
ivan acting dao.

Image hosting by Photobucket
pretty pic =)

Image hosting by Photobucket
long live our KING!!
the crown abit too big. so germ also share haha

Image hosting by Photobucket
rubber ducky, you're so fine!! XP

Image hosting by Photobucket
joel so bloody..
ivan so.. gay.

Image hosting by Photobucket
i dun look good here :(

Image hosting by Photobucket
germ smiling so happily haha..
ivan acting dao again

Image hosting by Photobucket
OKAY. the guy up that covering his beloved is WENJIE.

Image hosting by Photobucket
ivan has mascara on his eyes.

okay that's all. i swear we spent more than half an hour in the machine, and took a million photos. and we got SICK of it.
but stupid machine!! so many nice photos nv print. bleh.
lol after that something stupid happened.
joel went to get free mashed potato from KFC.. then more than half off it went splat on to the ground. WAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHA.
okay =X

8:42 pm

Friday, April 07, 2006

wee today took neoprint again:

Image hosting by Photobucket
ivan looks so pretty.. okay he looks abit korean here.. like Lee Dong-Gun!!
and joel like so bitchy la!! XD

Image hosting by Photobucket
our act dao pic. look at joel.

Image hosting by Photobucket
very nice pic!! but my hair's in a mess
jean got cut half.
xpang MIA.

Image hosting by Photobucket
ugly pic!! i look like freak. only the guys up there look good. bleh.

Image hosting by Photobucket
now this is nice, though jean's face a bit too big
and ivan!! where are you putting your hand??

Image hosting by Photobucket
another dao pic. ivan looks like he has long hair and he looks like Gino from KONE at this angle!!
i took a pic with gino!! lol.

hmm didn see "him" today. =(

5:32 pm

Thursday, April 06, 2006

WEE~! had fun today!! haha. yea saw "him" in the morning today. only xpang noes XD.
okay today in school was totally crappy haha..
we had assembly in the hall and joel sat with us.. then it was so funny.. germ wanted to adjust her shorts.. then she reached into her skirt. then joel was like "adjusting panties" LOL. i swear it was freaking hilarious.
then joel asked germ is she can "stick out her tongue and touch her nose." germ said no but joel did it.. he stuck out his tongue and touched his nose with his finger. HAHA. it was damn lame.. lOL.
okay fast forward to after school.
went town with gab jean n xpang!!
ate at kfc.. then went bibi n baba.. to find out that i cannot buy uniform there. bleh.
lOL. so we went hereen XD. took neoprints!! here they are:
Image hosting by Photobucket
pretty pretty one =)

Image hosting by Photobucket
king(xpang) queen(jean) subqueen(me) and general(gab) haha.. gab's crown is so tiny:P

Image hosting by Photobucket
nice rite!! XD

Image hosting by Photobucket
also very nice!! XD

Image hosting by Photobucket
xpang looks so pretty. i'm jealous :P

Image hosting by Photobucket
hmm i look weird.. but that's our "bye bye" sign!! =D

Image hosting by Photobucket
xpang still looks pretty. :P
what's with gab's face??

Image hosting by Photobucket
say hello!! inspired by ivan(gay)
gab your face!!

Image hosting by Photobucket
ee my eyes like got mascara. bleh. haha.
okay i swear xpang looks damn pretty here.

Image hosting by Photobucket
damn cute!! check out the earrings XD

lOL. had fun designing like mad XD
after that we met ivan(yeow)
and bla bla we went walk walk after that go home haha

9:29 pm