Saturday, March 31, 2007


These are the emotions i've been feeling lately.
I like him, i really do.
But i've landed myself in a rocky position.
We've become such good friends
if i don't say anything, we just remain like it is.
If i take a step foward, i may land into his arms, or i may fall deep.
Sure he treats me really well, but he does so to many others too.
I may just be yet another friend to him.
The times i get to be with him, hell i really enjoyed every single moment.
I'd scorn at the fast ticking of the clock's hands
willing it to stop for just one more minute.
It's all me and my wishful thinking.
When he only looks at me while he talks
i felt like i'm the most important person to him
again, it's just my wishful thinking.
When he talks to her, i feel left out and disappointed.
Do you call that jealousy?
Gosh am i confused by myself!
I can’t seem to control my heart
I wouldn’t have started if I knew it’d be like this
I tried telling myself I didn’t like him
I hoped we were just passing acquaintances
Because all it does it confuse me; hurt me
But even so, I want to be with him
It’s making me sad
I refused to believe that it could be so,
there's no way that I liked him,
I lied to myself that it's just a petty jealousy,
that I must be feeling lonely, but I cannot hide it anymore.
Cause I miss him
without him,
I cannot do anything,
and he's always on my mind,
his presence has delved deeply into my heart.

maybe i should just forget him.

4:49 pm

Friday, March 30, 2007

i'm getting suay.
REALLY suay.
f*** la!
haiz suay-ness started since maths paper i guess.
maths cannot do.
the physics also cannot do.
and one day after common test paper, MY COM SPOIL.
bloody hell.
get back results, SUAY.
maths and physics get U.
OMG LA U!!!!
sian leh.
first time in my life.
and econs only get E.
it's so below my expectations.
and the stupid PUMA shoe.
go thru so much trouble. in the end still have to wait until SUNDAY.
i noe what my next disappointment will be.
all because i failed 2 irritating subjects when the criteria is to PASS ALL.
f-ed up.

11:40 pm

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

this is going to be a stupid , idiotic, and bimbotic post about 3 crazy girls. --------------------------------------------->
pls leave now before you regret.
well you know what??
these 3 girls are famous STARS!!!
well, one is simply just bimbotic.
one is super bimbotic and is crazy over pooh-bears.
one is just, like the others say, plain stupid.
oh well.
(like in hana kimi liddat XD)

But stars all need preparation before they go for photo shoot rite??
First they took a flight on their mini plane to
After which they took a limo to Causeway Point!
Well, stars do have to exercise too right??
too bad. the jumping test FAIL.
after all that tiring exercise, they went for a bubble bath!!
sooooo comfortable
(actually it's quite squeezy and uncomfortable. no space at all la.)
here's the loveliest picture ever XD

okay that was lame.

5:23 pm

Friday, March 16, 2007


Sometimes the light, a horse,
gallops into the room
and demands you surrender.
It paws the floor, snorts—
and so you rise out of the low-lying
cloud of the self, the half-dreaming
wakefulness we call love,
and into the cool air of the real.

It shakes its mane impatiently,
rears and kicks, its beautiful body
demanding your attention,
pushing its way in. Not
that you're afraid, not exactly.
But it shines straight into your eyes.
And though the heart is small
and cramped, barely large enough to suit
your own wants, you retreat into a corner,
make do with less. The only
possibility when the world lifts its head
and light pours from its back
in quantities enough to drown you.

~ Poem Copyrighted To ~LunaRoseAngel ~

6:57 pm

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

i really feel lazy to blog..
somehow.. everytime i feel that there's alot of things i wanna say on my blog..
i even composed some posts in my mind le..
but once i sit down infront of the com..
everything is either summarised..
or forgotten.. or simply just can't be said..
just like now.

dun read the following cancelled part if you dun like to read emo stuff (like alvin)
jump to my jiro's shrine further down. ^^

do you know how it feels to love/like someone secretly?
the sheer joy.. whenever you get to see him.. but you can't show it

the anticipation.. whenever you msg him.. but he hasn't replied
the disappointment.. whenever you msg him.. but he DOESN'T reply
the hurt.. whenever you look at him.. but he looks at her
the hurt again.. whenever you talk to him.. but all he talks about is her
the ache.. whenever you are dying to let him know.. but simply can't
the pain.. whenever you are near him.. but he's not yours

like what i saw in Hana Kimi..
Quan asked.. "Does it hurt?"
and Ruixi would say.. "Nope.. the joy overpowers the hurt.."

so why do I only feel confusion, dissapointment, hurt, ache, and pain?

to hell with it all.

i don't want to like anyone.

k then i shall be non-emo now!!

I LOVE JIRO WANG DONG CHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just look at him. top right. my love. hehe.

and another one! WOOHOO!

even though many ppl say WUZUN very shuai (which i totally agree): <---- this is not sad face.

some kinda advert la. lol

but still.. I LOVE JIRO BEST!!!!

he's (left) so cute can!!!! (ya can.)

stupid hebe.
rawr!!!! i'm obsessed!!! lol..
even though he's far from my reality.
but who cares la!
he's my love now.
doesn give me any troubles.
so good lor!! ^^
more of him next time.

1:00 am

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


the heart is beating frighteningly fast
the breathing becomes harder
the palms start to sweat real hard
life becomes a story book
the feelings are magnified
unable to control oneself
how can it be like this
how can it be so crazy
how can it be like this
how can love be more than what i can imagine
even if the world turns against me
i really like you alot
i like you so much i can't part with you
i only belive in one thing
nothing can stop me
i really like you alot
slowly, i can't think clearly
finally i don't think clearly
there's no need to clear up this prank

8:09 pm

Sunday, March 04, 2007

i'm expanding horizontally at an increasing rate.

12:40 am

Saturday, March 03, 2007

ytd i saw something superrrrrrrrrrr funny.
someone was at the basketball court playing bball (duh!) with.....
guess what...
haiz. i shall not mention who ar..
one hand umbrella one hand ball.
under the super duper hot sun.
oh well. dumbest sight of the day.

and shuting made the joke of her life.
cause fengrui was like aim ball very easy ma
so i said " wah fengrui aim like no kick!"
then shuting said "never use leg of course no kick la!"
that's was the joke of the day

umbrella man was JOKER of the day.

oh well.
dunno what to blog again leh!! so sian de =x

10:00 am