Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Her doings frowned upon
Her actions gone aganist
Her words taken an insult
Her life, confined.

By she who has much control.

She fought with her own tears
She willed against it.
She said she'll never look weak
Infront of "her".

But it still flowed.

She couldn't cry out
She kept her voices in.
She screamed as loudly as she could;
She screamed like it was her last.

She was screaming inside.

The world was cruel
It gave her no hope
It gave her no one
It gave her no love.

She never got what she wanted.

She longed for love
She longed for acceptance
She longed for what others could have
She wants out of here.

This little girl wants to be saved.

8:20 pm

Monday, May 21, 2007

I starting to play silly games.
I'm re-discovering the joy of childhood games.
I'm playing interesting games.
I was playing Diner Dash, but i got stuck at a certain lvl for so long that I gave up.
Now I'm playing Fairy Godmother Tycoon.
Don't laugh at the name of the game cause it's really fun!!!
It is so ECONS.
but i keep losing, so wth.
but still, i like it.
you can say i'm pretty bad at games =x

you can say i have nothing to blog about either.

10:17 pm

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Last Sat I went to Biwei's house with shuting and charissa to bake cookies for Mother's Day! hoho.

here's shuting the cookie monster!!!!!!!!


i wonder if charissa washes her hands!!!

i DID wash my hands..

this is how the cookies look before they are baked.

this is how they look when they are being baked.

these is how WE look while they are being baked.

charissa acting cute

me and biwei looking stupid.

me and charissa BEING stupid.

shuting ACTING pro. okay la she's really good.

biwei in her ballerina position.

shuting and charissa disturbing the black stupid goldefish which only has 3 seconds of memory and forgot why it was being caught.



choc ones.

shuting's chao da ones.
(and i'm the main cause of it =P)

next we tried the double chocolate cookies!!
look at the following sequence of pictures.
WARNING: the following images may be disturbing..

(okay i guess it's not that scary)

This is me trying to shape the cookies

look so nice rite!!!!!
but see how it turned out to be..................

and unedible.
sian one million trillion years.

and we tried to create the ESPLANADE!!!
with biwei's "food cover" and the big mirror.

what a close resemblance!! ^^

and we had prata for lunch!

prata in the making.

the prata will actually expand when it is being cooked.
and biwei has never seen that before.
so while it did, i hurried her to take out the camera.

prata expansion!!

SADLY, we a abit too slow..
and this is what happened to the prata..

OMG CHAO DA!!!!!!!!!!!!
must be karma for making shuting's cookies chao da.

and we even tried our own egg prata.

it really tasted great.

muahhahha so much prata!!!!!

After that we watched Shutter.
it's something i never want to remember or watch again.
because it's FREAKING scary.

this is how i looked like for more than half the show:

(actually this pic is taken after the show just purely for the sake of this blog. hoho. but it's true that's how i looked for more than half the show.)
and i get shuting elbowing me every now and then in an attempt to scare me.

we drank a lot of ribenna that day.
this is only less than half of what we drank:

and actually before eating the prata we actually hid the cookies in biwei's room so that her mum won't find out.

but her mum did, and even pretended that she didn't see!!
how cute. lol

this is biwei's large doraemon!!!

she is afraid the bell of it will ring in the middle of the night XD

this are the containers we put the cookies into.

they cost $2 each, and can be bought at Daiso
nope, i'm not being paid for this advertisement.

biwei the ribbon tie-er:



it was a fun day!!!
maybe we will do it again sometime just for fun!

5:40 pm

Thursday, May 17, 2007

kboxed today with soohuey charissa and poh poh
no voice already!!!
6 hours of non-stop singing!!!

toda was also mr chan's last GP lesson with us.
it' was the best GP lesson i think.
we were joking about and he played along with us
real good sport
he's damn cute la. like little kid, even though he's already 59 =.=

shall post the pics next time.

i'll try my best to blog about sat's at biwei's asap!!
it was a super fun day with lots of pics.
but very difficult to blog about!!
soon soon!!
HERE'S A PREVIEW!!!!!!!!!!

rawr!!! shuting is evil!!!

9:36 pm

Monday, May 07, 2007

Well here are a few reasons that girls like guys
( though i havent experienced a single one b4 =( i wish i can)

1. The way they always wear their favorite cologne (which happens to be the
one that you bought them for their birthday)
2. The way the run their hands through out hair
3. The way that they look at you and you want to die right then and there
4. The way that they casually put their arms around you
5. The way that they kiss away your tears
6. ...and the way that they then get mad at how they can't make your problem go
7. The way they show off around their friends, even though you both know that
you would love them even if they missed a basket or two
8. How there eyes light up at the result of 3 hours of preparing for your date
9. How they always know just what to say to make you blush
10. How they sometimes think that they know just what to say to make you feel
better, even if you think that it is the worst thing that they could say
11. The way they hold you close when you are cold
12. How they look at you when your mad at them and all your anger melts away
13. How they always smile when you are together
14. The way that they always let you win any game that you play together
15. ... and then when you point that out to them they pretend to not know what
you are talking about
16. The way that they smile at you
17. The way that you feel when they call to apologize after you had a big fight
18. The way that they say I love you
19. The way that they say I love you in front of their friends
20. The way that they touch and hold you so gently, like they are afraid that they
will break you
21. The way that they kiss you
22. The way that they open their arms to you when you are crying
23. The way that they never admit that you hurt them
24. The way that they try not to cry when they are afraid that they are losing you
25. The way that they think that they are your big protector, even though you
think that you are theirs
26. The way that they say I miss you, even though they hate to admit it
27. The way that you miss everything about them when they are gone
28. The way that they remember your special moments, or aniversaries when
you think that they forgot
29. The way that they apologize when they do forget
30. The way that they comfort you when you have a bad day
31. The way that you can't wait to get home and tell them all about your day
32. The way that they write you love letters even if they think that it is uncool
33. How they would rather be with you then their friends sometime
34. How you want to hug them even though they are all sweaty
35. Yet regardless if you love them, hate them, wish they would die or know that
you would die without them... it matters not. Because once in your life, whatever
they were to the world they become everything to you. When you look them in
the eyes, traveling to the depths of their souls and you say a million things
without a trace of sound, you know that your own life is inevitabley comsumed
within the rhythimic beatings of his heart. We love them for a million reasons,
No paper would do it justice. It is a thing a feeling, that is only felt.

10:56 pm

Friday, May 04, 2007

Only Human

On the opposite coast of sadness
is something called a smile

On the opposite coast of sadness
is something called a smile
But before we can go there,
is there something we’re waiting for?

In order to chase our dreams, we can’t have a reason to run away
We’ve got to go, to that far away summer’s day

If we find it tomorrow, we can’t sigh
Because like a boat that opposes the stream
we have to walk straight on

In a place worn down by sadness
something called a miracle, is waiting
Yet we are still searching
for the sunflower that grows at the end of spring

The warrior who awaits the morning light
before he can clasp it with red nails, his tears glitter and fall

Even if we’ve grown used to loneliness
only relying on the light of the moon
We have to fly away with featherless wing
just go foward, just a little further

As the rainclouds break
the wet streets sparkling
Although it brings only darkness
A powerful, powerful light
helps push us to walk on

11:30 pm

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


i just love men in white.

i'm gonna step down from my post in archery soon.
seriously, being a secretary is quite troublesome.
especially when you DON'T HAVE MICROSOFT.
oh wells. it gonna be all over this friday.

in other news,
dunno why, but it's like i'm already waiting for JUNE break.
even though this is just the START of MAY =.=

i'm not doing a single piece of homework.
everytime i sit infront of the com, that's it man.
i will nv leave until it is bedtime.
this thing i'm typing into is like some evil thing liddat
makes me waste alot of time.
i want to get away from it!!!!

FRIENDS. next time u see me online, CHASE ME AWAY!!!!!!!!!!
rawr. do me this favor and HELP ME.

The computer is evil.
The computer is evil.
The computer is evil.
The computer is evil.
The computer is evil.
The computer is evil.
The computer is evil.
The computer is evil. x 10^infinity.
The computer is evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9:27 pm