Thursday, November 15, 2007

today i went to the ripples warehouse with chari kaiee, shuting and soohuey!
it's was "imba" cheap! haha. learnt that word from wenjie.
a pair of flip flops only cost 3 bucks!
we got 21 pairs in the end. HAHA.

i was bloody tired by then.
we went to town and caught "The Game Plan" with wenjie, the friendly neighbourhood polar bear. lol now he's doraemon.

game plan is a good show to catch.
it's funny, sad, funny and happy.
but it's really funny. the whole cinema was almost roaring with laughter.
after the show some ppl even clapped. =.=

went for more shopping.. like hereen and far east.
i couldnt explain my tiredness.
i couldnt think straight, i almost couldnt walk straight.
and when i tried to talk, it's almost senseless.
i even irritated myself. so i tried my best not to say anything.
AND I KEEP HITTING OR STEPPING ON SHUTING. lol. i'm sorry. really am. haha.
but then again i was kinda awake. i wanted to see the shops and the stuff.

so guys, pardon me if i was kinda "weird" today.
lol. but i really like the shopping today. just that i couldnt show it.

i have a bad problem, and that is to repeat what ppl may have said.
but i swear(this is really the truth) that i dont mean it.
it's like, i really never hear that it's been said.
so yeah. dont know why my mind sometimes auto shut down. it's kinda irritating, and can irritate ppl arnd me too.

oh wells. maybe it's the HIIT that ivan suggested for me to do.
it almost killed me. i almost vomitted in the morning =/


10:19 pm

Saturday, November 10, 2007

7 se7ens! i felt like i was in se7enth heaven. lol.
(the middle one looked a little gay=/)

02. I know (feat. TEDDY)
Lyrics: YangHyunSuk / Composed by: DK / Arranged by: TEDDY
translation by: Yoonie (also credit:

Aye, straight up, there's only one boy that's holdin' it down
Yeah, ya'll already know who it is
(Guess who's back?) This time around,
We're gonna set the whole city on fire
(Ya boy is back) And you know who?
He's S-E-V-E-N, Get' Em!

Your eyes have forgotten me
You're a completely different person
Your beauty has frozen in place
My heart is about to explode

Tell me (everything) Tell me
Don't try to let it pass
In other words, don't try to trick me
I'm angry (at everything) I'm so angry
Uh I can't hold it in anymore

(Now) I know that when the night fades
You'll leave my side (I know)
(Now) I know that when the night fades
I know I won't see you again

(Ya boy is back to make ya break ya neck)
(Ya boy is back,) And it's who?
He's S-E-V-E-N

The rumor about you with others
I don't want to believe it but I know it's true
I've become a burden to you
My heart is really going to explode

Leave (leave) Just leave
Go and meet a nice girl
Don't say any polite words to me
Live well (live well) Live well on your own
As I look up to the sky and let tears fall
I can't hold it in any longer

(Now) I know that when the night fades
You'll leave my side (I know)
(Now) I know that when the night fades
I know I won't see you again

Are you going to throw me away like this and leave?
Don't walk away, please hold up, mommy
Heart breaker-breaker
My heart breaks without you
I can't sleep, I need you by me
I'm your man (why?)
No man could ever freak you the way I do
I'm so angry my heart hurts, I can't hold it in

You're so so so cruel ~
With those messaged you left on my phone
I I I hurt so much ~
My heart is deeply bruised
Just know one thing ~
Among all the girls in this world
You're the only one I loved

(Now) I know that when the night fades
You'll leave my side (I know)
(Now) I know that when the night fades
I know I won't see you again

(You) Why can't you understand how I feel?
My love was only for you
(You) Why can't you understand my true feelings?
You were the only one I loved

Like this And it's who? S-E-V-E-N

11:57 am

Friday, November 09, 2007

maybe it's time to update.
to start things off, let's look at how unlucky i was for the first 2 days of my a's (:

DAY 1, Physics P3, afternoon.
as usual, i took 985 to school.
got a seat. soon, an uncle sat beside me.
i was still reading some notes la.
then out of the corners of my small but still observant eyes, i saw that man put his hand into his zipper.
oh the horrors.
he took out his dick and started stroking it.
like, wth. PUBLIC LEH.
he's not like doing anything to me la, just in his own world.
but i was so freaked out. and i excused myself to the back.
germ says maybe my eyes too small that guy tot i was sleeping or sth.
well, MAYBE.
next time i'm gonna choose my seats properly.
anyways i was so tramautised i couldn't study for like, almost half an hour.
what a baaaaad start to the a's.

DAY 2, GP, morning.
AS USUAL, i was SUPPOSED to take 985.
as i was nearing the bus stop, i saw a bus there, like the usual 985 would be.
so i ran.
and the bus driver actually waited.
great! not good meh?
and i got a seat. i was so tired i decided to sleep.
after about 10 minutes i decided to open my eyes and look a bit.
the surroundings looked so familiar, yet so wrong.
i took the bloody wrong bus. 176.
i almost reached the old css.
then had to cross the road and take 188.
but i'm so unfamiliar with it. and ended up outside the dunearn bus stop.
lucky aidil still waiting for the 985 that time, so he could tell me when it was reaching. i reached the school bus stop at about 750? lol.
sucks dude.

well the rest of the days were quite normal i guess.
except for the bloody geog paper.
all 3 questions: plate tectonics, plate tectonics, plate tectonics.
and the day before kaiee even told me NOT to study plate tect. luckily i decided to read thru.
if not i would have died there and then on the spot during the paper.
as i said" where is my weathering and mass movements!!!"
biwei said "they have probably been weathered away."

i had a dream this morning.
i dreamt of being in this "excursion" kinda bus( u know those cheery buses) with renkiat and sheng chuan.
like wth lol. i havent met them in like ages. and when we got down the bus, we got.. OUR A-LEVELS MATHS RESULTS. i dunno why but it was just there.
but it looked quite weird. it looked like the pjc napfa test results slip. HAHA.
anyways, i got a sad C.
then renkiat walked towards me "Hey i got an A!"
like as if it was anything unusual; he has never gotten anything lower than an A for maths.
oh well, it's a dream.
it's not real. it's just nominal.

thus ends my first update after i got back my com.
i'm already halfway through this bloody alevels.
gotta get thru it.

It’s not right, not OK
Say the words that you say
Maybe we’re better off this way?
I’m not fine, I’m in pain
It’s harder everyday
Maybe we’re better off this way?

5:25 pm