Saturday, January 26, 2008


this is almost exactly the phone i've been waiting for!!
almost cause it would have been exact only if it's swivel.
but, i'm not complaining XD

i almost wanted to get the Samsung F330 or U700 like TODAY.
but thank gawd i saw this.
omg omg.

the perfect shape, shade of red.. size of screen..
almost everything is perfect!
i'm so excited pls.
It even has internal GPS.
so i won't get lost again HAHA.

all i have to do now, is wait for the phone to be released.
prolly in 2nd quater, which is abt after march.

i'll be stuck with my lousy Nokia phone for now i guess.

(unless a swivel version is out=P)

read more abt the phone specs here : CLICK

3:11 pm

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In a perfect world
This could never happen
In a perfect world
You’d still be here
And it makes no sense
I could just pick up the pieces
But to you
This means nothing
Nothing at all

The perfect world.
It never existed.

1:37 pm

Thursday, January 17, 2008

omg i must be freaking cursed or sth.
i had tuition on tuesday..
suppsosed to get to Lakeshore (opp Lakeside MRT) condo by about 7.30pm..
and i got up the bus at 7.30 pm =.=
As if things weren't bad enough, i got down 4 stops EARLY.
cause there was an ESSO station.
i vaguely rmbed the last time i had to go Shirely Mah's for a hair-cut,
charissa told me to get down at the esso stop.
and there were 2.
so i got down the wrong one this time.
and i was so lost didn't know what to do, plus i was late!
then i walked one bustop, and took another bus =.=
when i reached the stop i was supposed to walk abt 10 min plus before reaching the condo.
and it was already very dark. and the place so ulu.
sian half.
i finally reached there about 8.15 =.=
and that's not the end of my suayness that day.
at about 9.50 i left, and was on my way to meet shuting for choco prata.
so i had to tak a bus to the polyclinic that stop.
then i had to walk all the way, only to hear from shuting that i had to walk back abt half the stop to get to the coffeeshop. >_>
by the time i reached home that day it was 11pm.
i did so much running and chasing buses that i was pooped and just slept, one bird till daylight (yi jiao dao tian liang)

okay not actually till daylight. i woke up at 5am to run.
it felt good cuz the wind was nice
but i got a flu cause of that =.=

on a lighter note,
no work tmr! going to sentosa~~ XD
can't wait to meet the rest!

i must be insane, blogging from work. =O

11:24 am

Sunday, January 13, 2008

enough of emo posts. whatever man. i give up.

that day, i picked up a book my sis borrow from the library.
since i haven't been reading since gawd knows when, i decided to read it..
while reading i re-discovered, to my horror, why i don't like books from the library.
it's is primarily due to the fact that, as you flip a page, an innocent person like me may accidentally touch a digusting piece of dried pi sai.
like wth please.
damn er xin can.

i bet it's done by someone like this:
(quoted from a friend's sis's friend's blog)

"i have discovered something gross. gazing at the wall to my left(ie the wall next to the computer), i count no fewer than 12 dried pi sai(nose shit/dried mucus/booger), stuck there like so many green ants. i dont know whyee this suprises(and disgusts) me, for i often dig my nose when i m using the computer, and i often paste the offending pieces of filth upon that wall. however, i had(incorrectly) assumed that they would somehow disappear by themselves. i certainly never noticed them before.

this led me to wonder about the fates of the rest of my boogers, which i dispose of with the classic Chay Pick 'n Flick method. after a good scratch and dig, i usually rest the booger on the tip of my index finger, shivering with rabid anticipation. then, i will draw back my other index finger and flick the hell out of that booger, sending it spinning into the stratosphere, screaming in pain. while i honestly do not care about what happens to the booger when i flick it arnd in public, i am deeply concerned for the welfare of my family, who in all probability, unknowingly trod upon these putrid waste everyday."

maybe it's him.
but then again, i doubt he would read something like Princess Diaries.
oh well.
i nv want to read lib books ever again.
if i have to, maybe with a glove or sth.

met some of the girls today!
i miss of them princesses so much >.<
dunno when we can meet all together again =(

11:21 pm

Thursday, January 10, 2008

i can't understand.

you keep leaving me, once and again.
that "closing" pieced our once broken friendship back together, even though it wasn't perfect.
but we were happy, we had fun (am i right to say that?)

but what's wrong this time?
it's always an almost 180 degrees change from you, overnight, in the blink of an eye.
and we hardly talk again anymore.

i definitely know i haven't done anything wrong.

oh, fck. i bet you won't even read this. what a fool i am, even for a used-to-be best buddy.

I always needed time on my own
I never thought I'd need you there when I cry
And the days feel like years when I'm alone

When you walk away
I count the steps that you take
Do you see how much I need you right now?

When you're gone
The pieces of my heart are missing you
When you're gone
The face I came to know is missing too
When you're gone
All the words I need to hear to always get me through the day
And make it OK
I miss you

10:35 am