Monday, June 23, 2008

Finally got to meet up with the girls + wenjie for dinner and some KTV @ bugis
missed them so much!

Here are some pics!

Went for some k-ster on sat too.

With arch, fran, jesper, fly, gus.
Due to the disparity between some of our ages,
there were some pretty old songs that i have never heard before lol.

Anyways dinner was hillarious.
We went to this shop that looked like those eatery from anicient china places.
those wu xia pian kind.
the waiters are all called "xiao er"
their chopsticks are called "xuang jie gun"
and the menu is some "wu lin mi ji"
damn ridiculous but funny.

and everything the "xiao er" says, gus will go "hao! hao!"
and they keep asking for "man tou" lol.

think i laughed until i was full.

no pics though =(

1:49 pm

Friday, June 06, 2008

i was shopping with dar that day and we came across tamagotchi!
omg i miss tamagotchi please!
still remember last tiem pri sch i had one.
sch cannot bring so everytime i'm in sch my mum will take care of my tamagotchi for me. damn lol.
still rmb it was pink colour one.
and one day, sadly, when i reach home my mum said my tama is dead =(
then see a little tombstone and an angel flying lol.

okay back to the topic.
so we saw all this tamagotchi.
now so damn high tech can infra-red all that.
i want one!
so there was this signed that said sth like " visit today!"
then i thought like, so cute maybe the webby got cute stuff can see.
only people with tamagotchi can log in!
wth pls!
so discriminating!
no fair!
i officially hate tamagotchi.
unless i have one.
but nevertheless, I STILL WANT TAMAGOTCHI!!!
childish, i know. but it's like very fun okayyyyyyyy =(

i wan i wan

8:58 am

Thursday, June 05, 2008

After some consideration and much research,
I've decided not to appeal for Architecture(aki).
Apparently admission criteria for Aki and Industrial Design(ID) is the same.
But everyone's telling me aki people dun sleep!
and i'm such a sleeper pls. i sleep almost everywhere i go, bus train bla bla..
so i guess aki's not for me!

anyways ID turns out to be quite an interesting course.
i can work for OSIM in the future and develop new products.
i promise, nothing as suggestive as that iGallop.
and i'll definitely give it a nice name, unlike uPapa.
i mean seriously! what's with those designs and names??

I hope my appeal to NTU's Vis Comm is successful.
if i get that course i can die with no regrets.
*prays* v(-_-)v

i'm thinking of changing my blog skin already.
this elmo thingy is too narrow. pics and vids get cut off!
but really dunno what skin to use.
lazy to create my own one also =(

hopefully meeting the girls next week...
so long nv meet liao!

4:06 pm

Sunday, June 01, 2008

I have removed the previous post due to the several critisisms received. lol.
*please refer to tag board*
i shall never photoshop my photos ever again. ~_~

miss the girls!
when was the last time we met man!

miss dar too :(
why must you stay in sengkang!!!

10:40 pm