Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i forgot to mention that dar cooked for me on our 2nd month celebration!
yummy food!

the complete set, with soup and a cup of ice lemon tea hahhaha.
(ignore the trash in the background =P)
love you dar! ^^

10:42 am

Monday, July 07, 2008

ytd dar and me went to the arcade to play the sweet machine.
the one where you scoop up the sweet blah blah blah.
and this is our loot of the day!!!

so cute!

this is our jackpot prize! 2 poohbears. 1 for each of us ^^

so many sweets too! the other smaller toys were buried within the sweets but we caught them all! almost! we left 2 toys in the machine only haha.
think we spent slightly below 30bucks for the machine.
but it was worth it!
can still remember i was laughing like mad cause we keep tyco catch all the small toys lol.
and so many ppl surrounding us + plus one auntie beside me who keep telling me what to do =.=

anyway here's some small pics of dar and me. cannot post large pics cause too blur.
no proper pic btw. dar keep acting stupid ~_~

shall blog about the toys and comics convention if i have the time!

1:12 pm