Saturday, August 16, 2008

one week is over.. and i already have a ton of assignments to do =(
100 squares to cut, cubes to make, drawing to draw.. and research to do..
waaaa dying..
but it's all very fun! at least i'm finally doing something i like in school!

and my studio mates are great! think we're gonna have a great 4 years together!
ytd went for lunch at MEGAbites cafe.. so crowded lol.
but end up all 30 odd of us managed to squeeze in i guess
the food there is nice and cheap!
chicken chop for only $3.90!! where to find!! lol
sry no pics of food =P
too busy eating

after luch we went out to take pics with the big bear from rag&flag:

the very cute bear, like mr bean bear

one of my studio mates and me

i'm loving school~

dar and i found this very interesting and yummy food from Hougang Mall:

it's damn cute, and very nice
For $2.90, you get 5 fruit flavoured balls of ice-cream,
and 2 choices of coating with extra nuts if you want.
and the packaging is so cute too!

the shop looks very cute also! too bad i didn take a pic of the shop.
but it's located right beside the foodcourt(which looks very oriental and clean btw)
tastes super GREAT!

i miss the girls!! when are we gg to meet??

PS: skething classes starts next week.. every tues 7pm-9pm =(
PSS: I FINALLY BOOKED MY BTT LA. like after so long. it's on the 4th of Oct. stupid wenzong book one day earlier than me!

12:11 pm

Monday, August 11, 2008

i'm finally updating O.O
too many things to update and too little time~
many events and photos but not gonna post now la.

too much >.< in other news,
but i'm so not prepared.
kena information overload.
damn tired now T_T

had studio session this morning..4hrs+ ..
<3 my tutors

engineering lecture in the afternoon was B.O.R.I.N.G.
i almost fell asleep.
ok i'm unable to upload some of my pics dunno why ~_~
just some random pics:

M&M oreo cheesecake that i painstakingly baked >.<
dar loves it ^^

My cute and lovely parrot, very much alive (:

ok enough for now!
sch's fun! but expensive!

5:56 pm