Sunday, September 28, 2008


Date: 25th September 2008 (just nice 5th month with dar ^^)
Location: Christina's House
Project Members: Christina, Moon, Silvia

i can't believe it!! i actually made bento!! lol!
finally decided to make it cause dar seemed to like it so much ^^
so we uh kinda lied to christina's mum that we have a Bento Project lol.
cause she's secretly making for her bf too!

Starting Out:

Moon was the first enthu kia to start her bento (basically cause she was in a rush lol.)
She wanted to make a hello kitty one!
But she started splating the rice directly onto her box and tried to shape it with her dry hands!
And all the rice stuck to her hand hahaha.

Made a mess lol.

She then looked at the image, and looked back at hers:

Moon: eh why look so different!!

Moon did one stupid thing after the other LOL.
The hello kitty's eyes supposed to be just made of seaweed.
But she tried using black sesame and made another mess!

Moon: =(

But her's turned out great!

Very colourful bento with an authentic box. Too bad hello kitty is stuck to the box.

This is Christina's!

Sheep: Mehhhhh
Cow: Mooooooooo0o0o0o

Her 2nd one:


Here's mine! in the boxes!

As dar didn't know I was making bento (he thought I was doing project), he got quite a pleasant surprise when i gave it to him!

Mine's not as colourful cause dar dun eat vege =(

Dar was quite excited to eat it hehe.
But i kept taking photos of the bento lol.

After one million years, dar finally gets to eat ^^

Poor chicky!



The other lonely chicky with the remains of his dear friend beside.


The Aftermath:

Moon's: Too horrible to eat lol.

Christina's: Her bf ate everything!

Mine: Dar loved it! (though left a bit of the rice lol.)

11:56 pm

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One fine evening at Venezia's..

Ruth: Eh you all help me eat lei. I very full.

Christina(greedily): OK! HAPPILY!!

dumb MEH face.

okay la the above pic was photoshop-ed.

here's the REAL deal.

BEWARE. the picture below might cause serious uncomfort to certain viewers.(especially christina. LOL.)

10:54 pm

Sunday, September 21, 2008

it's the term break!!
but might as well not give any break eh.
more busy then normal lo =.=

got so many things to blog about!
1) "Jerk" Thai
2) Alan's 21st bday
3) PGP + Aston's
4) $3 neoprint lol.

k bye. =P

10:04 pm

Thursday, September 18, 2008

"Zombie" is stuck to my head!

dar's exams coming.. quite stressed =(
hope it all goes well for us..

1:12 am

Monday, September 15, 2008

finally things are slowing down.. for tonight.
tmr is death day agin!!
foam cutter to make.. foam to model..
tamagotchi to open up..
i think i'll dieeeeeeeeee.

anyways wizard towers is finally OVERRRRRR.

The Aim:
-pick one hogwarts tower of ur choice
-identify the characteristics of the house
-construct a tower 2.2m tall, from only paper that is 80gsm and below.
-no figurative/literal designs
-tower must bring out the characteristics of house chosen
-colours are not recommended

The Process:

Final Product(of my group):

SLYTHERINNNNNNNNNNNN. (too lazy to rotate photo)

Name of Tower: ZUA
Origin of Name: Paper
Real Origin of Name: Ka Zua (cockroach, cause it really looks like one)

critique session was fun today.
interesting to see how others construct their towers and how it turned out to be like.
2 of the towers kept falling, but they were amazing ideas.

tmr's another long day.. all the way till 9pm!!
the horrors.

ytd was such a long day..
went to sch to do the wizard towers..
did until about 1am..
many did not sleep..
what a horrible assignment! lol

ok i better go sleep!
if not tmr i dieeeeeee.

dar is sick x(
cant wait to meet again!

11:53 pm

Friday, September 12, 2008

2 nights in a row..
i am so dead tired..

i wan my darling x(

10:39 pm

Monday, September 08, 2008

zzz sick..

9:45 pm

trying to complete my panel for Wizard Towers assignment..
my group's doing on SLYTHERIN!!!
cause it's darker and more mysterious xD

studio is so funnn.. yet we hardly get to sleep x(
aki is worse.. lucky i did not xfer there haha..

somehow.. i love doing panels..
it's like u can present ur work nicely, neatly on a single piece of A3..
quite interesting actually.. and u get to see the different ways of presentation by others.
just look at this.. so colourful!!

a single critique session can last for more than 4hrs.. but the satisfaction upon completing the panels is absolutely.. amazing.

alright back to work!

2:33 am

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Capoeira – a dangerous dance

A circle of people playing drums and singing, and in the middle of the circle there are people dancing softly but swiftly. The first impression of the Brazilian capoeira is that it must be a ritual of some sort. And in fact that is not far from the truth. But behind those soft movements, which look like peaceful ritual dancing, lies a lethal form of martial art.

10:46 pm

cute, sweet, meaningful.

1:04 am

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I haven blogged for so longggggggggggggg.
I think 1 month of lessons have passed.. or is it 3 weeks?
time flew so fast i can't even remember..
anyways.. this 3 weeks were reallyyy busy.. dun even have time to play game haha!
projects and projects and assignments.. neverending!
every thursday at 6pm i will heave a sigh of relief.. rest.. relax a bit.. neglect all my homework..
then MONDAY arrives!!! and i die all over again =.=

but it's really fun! xD

anyways have been eating a lot of good food recently due to dar's sudden income lol.
but it's all gone now =/

ice-cream "cooking"at Yuki no Yaki!

we failed quite terribly at cooking our own icecream =(
but it was damn fun!!
but so sad we are poor now hahaha

this is an alien i made from Solidworks!

no laaaa it's a pump body actually.. haha.. my friend says mine looks like a burglar.. lol.
another colour..

one of my assignments..

this is what my studio looks like..

Huiwen's birthday today!!

so stressed that we started doing stupid things in studio..

a lock dar gave me >.< i love it!

saw this at a shop in Plaza Sing..
the cupcakes are super nice!!

i'm finally having a short break from all the crazy stuff going on!
and i got a new com woohoo!
like finally after a million years
the 22" screen is heavenly.

ok back to work on my metamorphosis!
haven started lol!

10:58 pm