Friday, November 28, 2008


11:51 pm

Thursday, November 27, 2008

rawrrrrrrrrr 10 marks goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
ahhhhhhhhhh forget to put heighttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.


someone kill me please.

10:14 am

Friday, November 21, 2008

Its house painting season!

tired myself out from all the painting ytd.
"locking" myself in my room to study for today.
its a great thing that dar's dad loaned me his lap top for my exams haha.

2 more papers to go!! and i'm finally studying! i feel so organised using this lappy to organise my notes and stuff.
I've got everything prepared already: notes, past year papers.. blah blah..
just lacks the studying haha!

its the first time i actually kind of enjoy studying!
i think its the effect of the lappy. like so convenient can just type in my notes and stuff blah. lol.

ok just took this pic. i held a pen beside it to show how small the screen is lol.
behind the lappy are all those design books and mags.

shiokness!! no more maths and science shit formulas to remember!
just look at pictures and understand wahhahaha.
even if i dun do well for exams i have no regrets man.
the process is funnnnnn.

ok back to studying! ruth dun kill me i will post the pics up real soon haha!

3:10 pm

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

ME2103 is officially over!
it went pretty great actually.

2 more papers to go!
once again, i know nuts about these 2 modules haha!
hope i'm lucky again =P

having flu now eyes keep closing. so too lazy to blog about the 2 nihon mura trips and one aji tei trip. all 3 of which christina made a huge mess at.

pics soon!

11:37 am

Sunday, November 16, 2008

i want to study.. yet i dun want to study.. but i have to study.. LOL

parents and siblings gone! I finally have the house to myself! (and my parrot of course. oh and also that lonely black goldfish.) finally some peace and quiet. (if parrot doesn make noise.) so i should start studying!

maybe cook some noodles later to motivate myself. since mum always dun let me eat my fav maggi mee.

mum: "eat what maggi mee! fat!"
then proceeds on to make some fried rice for me.


6 and a half more webcasts to go!
luckily i can play the video at speed x 1.5 and it still sounds normal.
that shows how bloodly slow the lecturer speaks.
luckily ive nv went for any of the lectures.

on the contray, i wish there's webcast for erwin's lectures =(
cause he speaks too fast for me!
especially when he's mentioning names of architects and stuff. it comes out as some gibberish like naoblah greblah. then cannot get what he's saying =(
he's just like the vids he show. all gibberish words i cannot catch!
boo. hopefully i can scrap thru his exam =/

kk study time!!

3:40 pm

Saturday, November 15, 2008

saw an interesting from my teacher's blog..

"The most terrifying loneliness is not experienced by everyone and can be understood by only a few. I compare the panic in this kind of loneliness to the dog we see running frantically down the road, pursuing the family car. He is not really being left behind, for the family knows it is to return, but for the moment in his limited understanding, he is being left alone, forever, and he has to run and run to survive..."
charles schulz

what a scary thought it must be to have.. (i guess somehow my parrot feels that way too whenever we go out.. no wonder he's always so excited when we come home haha.)
but about me.. i shall not post emo stuff on my blog haha =P

2:24 pm

Buttons are finally over.. after 6 weeks of working on it..
the sem is over too! relieved yet extremely tired.

1 test and 2 papers to go..

3 more days left to study for the test..
something that i know nuts about cause i only attended 2 lectures out of about 13?
tried reading the notes a little.. fell asleep after the intro haha.

money money money.. where the hell am i supposed to get 24k + the 15k???
any job lobangs for dec?
pls let me know =(

12:33 am

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i think karma has struck me. =(

never expected to fail that dumb piece of acrylic with a 3 and 4 zzzzz.
foam didn go well too. if my peeking skills were right i just passed with a 5 or sth.
oh f***.
found out from tertia that this is not a core module. hopefully can somehow exclude it so that my CAP won't get affected =(
i wanna take minor/ go exchanged program de!!! can't do with a low CAP at all!! x(

nvm dar tell me its ok!! i shall buck up more!!

11:29 pm

Saturday, November 08, 2008


i cant explain my happiness!!
friggin buttons and egg tray. all over!!
and i must say they went pretty well!!

buttons was kind of unexpected, but i managed to get thru!
can't believe the tutors'comments though haha.
the one i liked best is actually the worst to them!
they liked the other 2 buttons a lot which i tot was a failure lol.
good thing i chose the right materials and platform..
thanks to the ppl who gave me the advice!

Christian gave the comment of "They are very friendly." at least about 3 times lol.

Egg tray went well too!
slogged till 2.30am in the morning and decided to cab home cause i miss my bed. (even though lesson was at 9am the next morning)
met a very funny cab driver who kept insisting that i should join politics cause there is good money to be earned lol.
even when i wanted to get down the cab already, he was still telling me "so, join the PAP ok!!"
which really made me lol. makes me wonder if he was actually someone from the PAP giving some sort of propaganda cause he seemed to know quite a lot about uni stuff and he mentioned being a cab driver is his part time job lol.
but he was really nice. even asked me if i got learn taekwondo in case sth happen to me haha.

ok i have diverted haha.
so lesson was supposed to start at 9 but i woke up at about 8.50 lol.
so i decided to CAB AGAIN. rushed back to studio to hack open chirstina's locker for our egg tray and lappy, took a box of pocky and rushed to lecture, only to find out that the kuou guy was not there yet!
10 am: he still wasnt there yet!
10 50am: colin found him in the canteen eating egg prata!
lesson supposed to end at 11 lor!
yea so by the time he came everyone all chao bin face liao lol.
anyways it was interesting to see the drop tests, my group didn do too badly, only one egg cracked haha. and our idea was very original as the kuou guy told us ^^

after all that i was so tired to even feel the happiness haha.
got the DS from christina's bf!
damn happy!
DS is so fun!
i may just treat christina better in the future!

k back to playing!
pics next time!

10:09 am

Monday, November 03, 2008

(I love LG Viewty!! Just realised like there's so many cool functions after so many months of using it hahaha.)


Lesson No. 1 :
No need listen to lecturer.. Play with your cam.. :)

Lesson No. 2:
Make sure you know where Fong Seng is

My First Trip To Fong Seng:

Lesson No. 3:
When playing with eggs, make sure they crack on your friend's table instead of yours.
You may even get a Surprise! double yolk egg like in this case!

Lesson No. 4:
Have your friend clean up the mess. (na jk.)

Model making fun.
My cardboard version of a hot glue gun!

Lesson No. 5:

chipped nail =(

1 more day till dar is free!!
4 more days until i'm free =(

11:10 pm

Sunday, November 02, 2008

no more night safari grrrrrrr.

12:10 am

Saturday, November 01, 2008

too much work..

relax tonight at the night safari halloween special!!

2:04 pm