Wednesday, December 31, 2008

This new year, I have 3 simple resolutions.

1) Eat healthy, seriously lose weight.
2) Be serious and work hard
3) Treat my darling better x)

Wait I have one more!

4) Have fun, enjoy life to its fullest (:

Happy new year to all my friends!
No matter what hardship you have gone through, let it go.
Embrace yourself in the love of 2009 (:

11:06 pm

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

its the season for christmas! and i got nth to do lol.

i haven blogged about so many stuff that i'm too lazy to blog about them anymore.
Just wanna thank a few ppl : Valerie, siew huai, fang xuan, wenzong, ang siang and kahhwee for celebrating my bday for me! =D really very thankful =)

and thanks wenzong again for the seal keychain and box of candycanes lol.
and to biwei and shuting for the bag and charm! loves!

something funny for the season! enjoy!

3:40 pm

Saturday, December 13, 2008


i'm not earning money! and i'm spending money! money that i don't have =(
and i keep going out ><
i'm leaving house soon.. going to meet dar x)
then 8pm meeting up with some great friends at holland v..

tmr morning gg biwei house bake stuff.. evening got bbq..

so much things to do ><
good thing the bbq food order already.. so nothing much left.
i cant believe i actually planned a bbq la!
first time boo.

school is starting soon, and i haven started on patrick chia's homework!!!
inspiration!! quick quick i need!!! ><

11:03 am

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

10:30 am

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

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12:48 am

Sunday, December 07, 2008

walao i duwan plan outingggggggggggg..
everytime i kena arrow then later plan liao choose the place ppl dun like =(
but s11 pls meet up soon really miss u guys!!

wanted to blog about the 2 nihon mura trips + messy christina.
christina! guess u are lucky this time but your unglamness will soon be uploaded!

anyways wed was kinda a great day.
wed to kbox in the afternoon with nancy, moon and kenny!
we have a serious problem!!
we dont know most of the songs that each person knows!
it mass sending songs time so that we can learn each other's songs and can sing again haha!
poor kenny has to learn all the duet songs. such a wonderful voice so better dun let it go to waste lol.

had class bbq at clement's in the evening!
woo first time bbq food tastes so great!
and a skill i picked up from cooking mama actually is useful haha!
its the fanning of the fire rapidly to keep the flame up ^^
too bad stupid ruth wasn't around =(

anyway i had yet another hinon mura trip on fri lol. with dar! x)
too bad we eat a bit only full liao =(

cant wait for next sat lol!
get to see mickey POP out of navy!

sian i need a JOB.
recruitexpress pls live up to ur name and call me quick!

10:20 am