Saturday, June 27, 2009

long time no blog.
let's see who shall be the one to notice this post =D
(so long nv blog that i blogged in the wrong blog. LOL. blogged in s11's =.=)

well, things have been going well, i managed to get a job. (:
sch was great, though i didn really improve ):
shit too long nv blog dunno what to say anymore =x
but all in all im surrounded by great friends and they really make my day =)
can't wait for sunday! which happens to be tmr haha!

met up with alec and wenjie bout 2 days ago, for a simple dinner and meet up.
sadly the dinner left me with 20cents for the rest of the month =(
i haven't seen them for so long that for a moment i was not sure where to start talking.
but it came naturally to us and the great old feelings were back. the times where we were still great friends, where we know each other well..
and guys being guys, they drone on and on about so much things that i had a headache. haha!
but it was great (:
promised to keep in touch even after a long time ;)

waiting for wenjie's treat! =D

and tmr is fangxuang's treat!
baking cookies for them ;)
they better appreciate it LOL.

and for dar, i really love you (:
i wish that everyday i get home you are the one waiting there for me <3~
one day, i'm sure it will happen.. loves (:

9:52 pm