Monday, July 13, 2009

dunno what made me stop blogging. well anyways, i should start again in case i forget what happens in my life.

was at a very happy event today! haha! cosfest VIII.
it was really cool, unlike the previous one i went at scape. though i'm seeing quite a few familiar faces hehe, like yamamoto becoming ryohei this time :S
it was kinda funny that we didn know which bus to take.. so we just followed the cosplayers.. all thanks to them haha. pics up as soon as moon and christophe uploads them! (:

back tracking!

friday night was cool (:
met up with alec wj shawn and prav. its been so long since i met shawn and prav! shawn drove and it was a really funny ride. he parked his car in a reallyyy bad spot. couldn't get out. wall to the left, cars in front, right and back. took about 5-10 mins before we managed to get out, all thanks to the other guys. i was just sitting in the middle being a sotong haha!
the best was when we reached the zhi char place! just as shawn wanted to park, we saw another car facing the same situation we just did! though this lady's was much worst! but she managed to come out in the end haha!
had a nice dinner treated by wenjie =D. chilled at Booei's after that (=

it was really great, meeting up with ppl u havent met for a long time, but able to chat just right away. (:

back track x 2!!

went for NDP rehearsal!! i really loved it, esp the parachuting =D there were so many extra tix and today i thought it was a real waste! i shld have given them to christophe =( seems like he will nv have the chance to watch one again. argh!!

ok i really have nth much to say boo. internship has been fine so far, aside from the "eyesores"

and i miss dar x( 9 days!! =(

12:29 am